Cubicle 7 Announces Doctor Who 5e TTRPG

Published: February 21, 2022 3:23 PM /


The official logo for the Doctor Who 5e TTRPG, Doctors and Daleks

Fans of TTRPGs are most likely aware of the 5e OGL. Short for Fifth Edition Open Game License, this is when a TTRPG system or adventure uses the mechanics and systems found in Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons as a base with the creators making their own personal adjustments. Considering just how widespread and popular the current edition of Dungeons and Dragons is, a lot of recent RPGs have been using the 5e OGL to start. Everything from successfully crowdfunded takes on cyberpunk like Dragon Turtle Games' Carbon 2185, to official TTRPG adaptations of Dark Souls and Runescape have used the exact same framework. Now, it seems the community will be getting a Doctor Who 5e TTRPG courtesy of Cubicle 7 Games.

The announcement came from a post on Cubicle 7's official website. While it was brief, the developer stated that this Doctor Who 5e TTRPG will be officially titled Doctors and Daleks. It will be a fully supported system with its own dedicated line of products. These will most likely include things like prewritten adventures and supplements as well as novelty dice and GM screens. The very first of these products will be a Doctors and Daleks Players Guide and it will be "launching soon."


The statblock for the 12th Doctor from Cubicle 7's Doctor Who RPG
For comparison, here is the 12th Doctor's statblock from the first edition RPG. Image Credit: Cubicle 7 Games

Shortly following this Doctor Who 5e TTRPG announcement, Cubicle 7 reiterated that they will continue to support their own dedicated Doctor Who RPG as well. Originally released in 2009 as Doctor Who: Adventures In Time and Space, Cubicle 7's own adaptation of the long-running sci-fi fantasy series has been supported through multiple supplements covering the different eras of the show and the many different incarnations of the Time Lord known as The Doctor. However, the developer has chosen rather than release a supplement covering the adventures of The Thirteenth Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker, Cubicle 7 is releasing Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second Edition, which is meant to heavily revise and streamline their system. It is currently available for pre-order.

Considering how combat-oriented the underlying system is, fan reactions to the Doctor Who 5e TTRPG announcement has been contentious. While there have been plenty of spectacular battles and setpieces peppered throughout Doctor Who's almost 60-year lifespan of TV shows, audio dramas and novels, a lot of its storytelling formula centers around dialogue, observations on human nature, and contemplating big sci-fi ideas. There are exceptions to this rule like the organization UNIT and Captain Jack Harkniss, but they aren't completely synonymous with Doctor Who's core appeal. However, if Doctors and Daleks does lead to a general audience becoming more interested in the series, Cubicle 7's alternative take on the source material is there for those who want it.



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