CMON Games Announces Household TTRPG Coming To The West

Published: March 11, 2022 3:21 PM /


A group of tiny people running from a giant spider

The world of tabletop RPGs has only continued to grow in popularity. The latest edition of Dungeons and Dragons has only continued to grow thanks to the popularity of the liveshow Critical Role. Officially licensed TTRPGs based on everything from Dark Souls to Cowboy Bebop are being published. Now, CMON Games are helping bring a lesser known game, the TTRPG Household, to a wider audience.

The announcement for this new edition of Household came from CMON Games' website. For those not aware, the TTRPG has players take on the role of Littlings, tiny creatures inspired by faeries of European folklore, with the world set in a long abandoned mansion. It is here that players must explore the expansive rooms of the mansion, avoid giant towering mice and spiders, as well as deal with the various forms of court intrigue by other factions and organizations set throughout. Think The Borrowers meets A Song of Ice and Fire.


Household was designed by Simone Formicola and Riccardo “Rico” Sirignano. It has a large and active community within its home country of Italy, and was awarded RPG of the Year 2019 at Lucca Comics & Games 2019. Now, thanks to CMON Games and 2LM Press, they will be bringing it to English speaking countries via Kickstarter.

Book artwork for the newest edition of Household
Image Credit: 2LM Press

According to CMON Games, this won't just be a simple translation of the game either. This release will be a Collector's Edition that is designed to look like an antique Regency-Era book along with new artwork by Daniela Giubellini. Furthermore, we reached out to CMON and received confirmation that this will release will essentially be Household 2nd Edition. To quote CMON's own Geoff Skinner, "This is going to be a completely new edition. The system, the art, and the gameplay are expanded, reworked and upgraded throughout. Lot's of new material! It's the most exciting aspect for us - building on such an incredible foundation and unique setting to bring this game to a worldwide audience for the first time." This new edition of Household be based on the Fortune System, an RPG system used by another one of 2LM's productions: the award-winning pulp adventure TTRPG Broken Compass.

The Kickstarter campaign for the English release of Household is scheduled to go live in Q2 of 2022. If you wish to remain updated, there is a newsletter you can sign up for right here.



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