Monte Cook's Path of the Planebreaker Gets Cosmic

A team of legendary RPG designers including Monte Cook are bringing a cosmic DnD 5e adventure to Kickstarter, called Path of the Planebreaker

Published: October 26, 2021 5:41 PM /


A large moon sized meteorite with a glowing city living on it

The Dungeons and Dragons fanbase is about to get a blast from the past. Monte Cook Games, the studio made up of several tabletop RPG design icons, have come together to announce a new pre-written adventure called Path of the Planebreaker; a cosmic story across the multiverse all players can enjoy.

According to the project's official Kickstarter page, Path of the Planebreaker is a brand new campaign book written by Bruce Cordell, Sean Reynolds, and Monte Cook. As mentioned before, the adventure centers around the titular Planebreaker, a large moon that rides through the vast multiverse across space and time, causing untold destruction and leaving chaotic cosmic ramifications in its path. The different planes of the multiverse that have survived contact with the Planebreaker are tied to it with extraplanar power, connecting them to the moon in a "worldpool" known as the Sea of Uncertainty.

The idea behind the Path of the Planebreaker campaign adventure is to open up the idea of traveling the different planes of Dungeons and Dragons to adventuring parties of all skill levels. While most adventuring parties mostly stick to their own worlds of high-fantasy, the idea of going to completely different worlds or exploring the Astral Sea itself is something that only those who reach north of level 12 or so really see. Even in officially written Dungeons and Dragons material, the closest you'll get is descending into The Nine Hells near the end of the adventure Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus, as well as entering a domain of the Feywild in The Wild Beyond The Witchlight.

A glowing tattooed wizard surrounded by two birds
The multiverse is definitely a big place.

Of course, keeping with Cook's love of powerful magic and elemental power from the days of DnD 3e, Path of the Planebreaker will include brand new subclasses. These include the Defacer Wizard, who gains newfound power from drawing on nightmares, the Shadow-Stitched Rogue who traded their shadow for an extraplanar entity, the Chaos Blade Fighter who wields a weapon forged from the elemental chaos itself, and the Cosmic Judge Warlock, who has made a pact with "the spirit of the multiverse itself."

But Path of the Planebreaker isn't just full new cosmic power for your party to enjoy. Included are new playable races such as the Inkarnates, extraplanar entities that are not tied to a certain plane like aasimar or genasi but tied to fundamenal concepts like uncertainty or belief. On top of that are Travelers, those who were born planetouched and marked with a glowing tattoo. They are also filled with an unyielding desire to explore. In addition, there are new spells, magical items, monsters to fight, and feats to use.

If you back Path of the Planebreaker, you have a few options. Paying $25 will get you the campaign book digitally in PDF format. $55 will get you the campaign book both digitally and in a physical hard cover book. $60 includes a Player Guide and Bestiary in PDF format. $110 will get you everything mentioned below as well as a physical copy of the Player Guide and Bestiary. For each tier, you'll also get digital STL files so you can 3D print your own Planebreaker miniatures. The highest tier is at $350, which will get you deluxe physical editions of these books, a GM screen, physical miniatures, Path tokens, and even custom dice courtesy of Metallic Dice Games.

The Kickstarter campaign for Path of the Planebreaker is live right now and will continue until November 19.

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