Infinity: Endsong Marks New Era For Corvus Belli's Miniatures Game

Published: July 14, 2023 3:56 PM /


A screenshot of the rulebook of Infinity: Endsong, sitting next to a miniature soldier with green armor

A new expansion is coming to Infinity: Corvus Belli's cyberpunk tabletop series only continued to grow in recent years. Fans of the franchise have enjoyed everything from starter sets to TTRPGs,

Now, Infinity: Endsong will provide refreshing new content to that setting.

The announcement of Infinity: Endsong

According to an ICV2 report, Infinity: Endsong is the latest rulebook and miniatures expansion for Infinity. Both the rulebook and expansion will introduce new mechanics, factions, background information, and new world-building details.

That world-building is enticing given the scope of Infinity. In addition to its two different skirmish-based war games, CodeOne and N4, there is the mech-based Infinity Deathmatch, and the graphic novel Infinity Betrayal.

The new rulebook will contain new Reinforcements rules. It features an overview of all of Infinity's factions' reinforcement groups, reaction groups, and their respective troops.

It will also provide background information on the universe itself, which is headed into a new phase of the story.

A screenshot of two promotional miniatures for Infinity: Endsong, one of a woman in bulky white armor with purple accents, and an insectoid looking mech in black armor
First come, first serve for these.

The new Reinforcements rules will provide players with new levels of tactics and battle mastery. Alternatively, the new worldbuilding information will provide new insight into the terrible events that the Combined Army unleashes on the Human Sphere.

In addition, the expansion will contain three narrative scenarios expanding on the aftermath of the events of Endson, four painting guides, and a miniature of EXOs or Exrah Executive Officers.

Infinity: Endsong has several pre-order exclusives. These include a Caskuda vs. Maximus Exclusive Pack, which come with a 55mm miniature, a 40mm miniature, two scenic bases, and an Illuminatrix of Observance exclusive miniature.

Infinity: Endsong will exclusively pre-order from July 17 to August 7 to mark GenCon 2023. It is currently on sale on Corvus Belli's store page at an MSRP of €144.85 or $189.89.

This price doesn't take into account shipping or other processing fees.

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