Infinity Deathmatch Digs Too Deep

Corvus Belli, the same studio behind the Infinity tabletop miniatures game, have announced a brand new game set in the same universe, Infinity Deathmatch, now on Kickstarter

Published: November 5, 2021 4:00 PM /


The board set up for Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid

Fans of developer Corvus Belli's world of Infinity are about to get something new. Courtesy of a new crowdfunding campaign, the developer has announced Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid, a competitive miniatures game where you control a crew of mechs to stake your claim on precious resources before the competition does.

According to the official campaign on Kickstarter, Infinity Deathmatch is a 2-4 player skirmish-based combat game. Each player represents a different mining corporation that has managed to obtain a concession of exploitation on the region of Khurland. The goal of each of these mining corporations is to obtain as much of a precious resource called Neomaterial as they possibly can, no matter what the cost or risk. But the dangers of Khurland, the harsh environment and the ongoing threat of attack by Megabeasts for example is just one obstacle in the way. There are other mining corporations who have touched down as well with their own ruthless crews ready to stake their claim. Your objectives are simple: get in, get those resources, and take out anyone that gets in your way.

Infinity Deathmatch continues to use the various mechanics and features as the rest of the series. You're encouraged to loot materials from your rivals and use collected neomaterials to further enhance your squad with weapon and armor upgrades. The game board is hex-based, and combat will involve the Infinity d20 system. As battles escalate and tension increases, Megabeasts will continue to spawn, forcing you to split your attention between your opponents and these monstrosities. In addition, all of the new mech units introduced in Infinity Deathmatch will be compatible with Infinity N4, Corvus Belli's more larger scale miniatures game set in the same universe.

Four different mechs as seen in Infinity Deathmatch
So what version of robotic death do you want to control?

Infinity Deathmatch's Kickstarter campaign has two different backer tiers. The core pledge will set you back $139, and will include all unlocked stretch goals. These stretch goals include brand new Engineering units as well as high-quality metal miniatures. The second tier is a Platinum pledge for $289 which will include the base game as well as all expansions, including a dragon Megabeast, scenery, additional playable units, as well as a campaign book. Neither of these pledges includes shipping costs so plan accordingly.

If you're a fan of Infinity, or perhaps got into it thanks to some cheaper alternatives, the Kickstarter campaign for Infinity Deathmatch ends November 17th.

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