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It's all been leading to this! Crimson Stone, Military Orders, and the Morat Aggression Force collide in our Infinity Raveneye Preview.

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Infinity Raveneye.

In a very specific corner of space, a communications relay station sits in a strategic location guarding the Durgama region. But this communications relay isn't there by accident and the Raveneye Orbital Complex is a lot more capable than it seems. Guarded by the combined might of PanOceania's knightly Military Orders, Ariadna's dedicated space force, Kosmoflot, and members of the Nomad's ex-prison ship, Corregidor, all under the leadership of the space police, O-12. To many, having so many fractions that are normally at odds working together to protect an asset would be a huge deterrent, but to the alien AI, the Evolved Intelligence, it's clearly a high-value target and it was a simple matter of dispatching the alien races under its control, the Combined Army, spearheaded by the warlike race, the Morat Aggression Force, to find out what it's value was.

Infinity Raveneye.

What Is Infinity?

Infinity is Corvus Belli's anime/cyberpunk wargame. If you're brand new to Infinity, the best place to start is with Infinity CodeOne and you can read our guide on getting started here. If you've played Infinity before or are looking to upgrade from CodeOne then Infinity N4 is the latest edition of the Infinity rules. Infinity features several awesome factions from the alien races of the Combined Army, to the Space Cops of the O-12 and the glorious technological might of PanOceania.

What Is Raveneye?

Raveneye is a brand new supplement for Infinity, which has been building up in the releases over the last twelve months. Raveneye contains an entire setting around the engagement in the Raveneye complex, the orbital defense complex that the Combined Army wants to remove so that it can get at the treasures in the system beyond. The O-12, the Human Sphere's space police, knew the value of the complex, and arranged reinforcements from several factions that are normally at odds with each other.

The information is presented in the book through information, quotes and short fiction, all gloriously illustrated and with dioramas of Infinity miniatures to show certain engagements.

Infinity Raveneye.

What Factions Are Featured In Raveneye?

The factions featured in Raveneye are the ones that have seen the most recent releases, starting with Infinity CodeOne's Operation Crimson Stone, which updated the miniatures for the Nomad's sectorial Corregidor, and introduced the brand new Ariadna's sectorial, Kosmoflot. More recently, we've had the Infinity N4 release of the PanOceania sectorial Military Orders, and the Combined Army sectorial, the Morat Aggression Forces.

You can read all about these different forces in our articles covering the products:

Infinity Raveneye.

Raveneye also introduces some new NA2 mercenaries, who aren't aligned to a specific faction, but can be taken by different ones, such as Fiddler, a transgender creator of technological tools. Fiddler can be taken by a couple of the non-aligned army sectorials and the Nomads and the miniature is available from the Aristeia collection, or from the ITS organized play pack.

Infinity Raveneye.

Are There Any Rules In Raveneye?

Everything you need to play Infinity (except for the incredible miniatures and dice) is available online for free via Corvus Belli's downloads page.  The rules for both Infinity N4 and CodeOne are there, and there's even tokens, narrative backgrounds and scenarios to play. All of the unit stats are available through the Infinity Army app or webpage.

Because of this, although you can buy printed copies of the rulebook, Corvus Belli don't publish anything you might need to play in physical editions, as everything is kept in a single location to avoid he need for multiple supplements. Raveneye is just a background book with a three-part mission around the Raveneye complex and some painting guides for the included forces.

The Raveneye book is a fantastic read, from start to finish, and the mix of information and fictional narrative gives a fantastic impression of the ongoing Infinity story, and details about the included factions and the Raveneye complex. Is it an essential purchase? No, the lack of rules means that if you're not interested in the story then it's a three-part mission. But if you love the background and lore of Infinity, and want to bring that out on the tabletop, then reading through Raveneye and then playing the three part mission is increbily immersive and enjoyable. Be careful though, because you might find yourself picking up a new army or two in the process.

Infinity Raveneye.

What's The Raveneye Officer?

The Raveneye Officer was a pre-order exclusive miniature for Raveneye. They're O-12 units that maintain the Raveneye complex. Because of their links to the Raveneye Coordinated Command, they can also be taken in the Kosomoflot, Military Orders and Corregidor sectorials, along with O-12 and their Starmarda sectorial.

On the tabletop, the Raveneye officers deploy with some specialist equipment, like the deactivator for removing enemy mines, and either electromagnetic or cybermines themselves which they can deploy with their minelayer ability in the deployment phase. 

The copy of the Infinity Raveneye used to produce this guide was provided by Corvus Belli.

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