Infinity RPG Wave 1 Review - Player's Guide / Quantronic Heat / Adventures in the Human Sphere

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If you're new to Infinity or the Infinity RPG, check out our Infinity RPG Core Book review for full details of the system. The Infinity RPG Wave 1 releases consists of:

  • The Infinity RPG Players Guide
  • Quantronic Heat - A full three part adventure
  • Adventures in the Human Sphere - Ten short adventures in ten different systems in the Infinity universe
We'll cover each one individually, and then give the overall score for the first wave releases at the end.

Infinity RPG Player's Guide

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The Infinity RPG Player's Guide might not be a style of player's guide that you are used to. The Player's Guide is a player-centric version of the Infinity RPG Core Book, meaning a much cheaper way for players to access the core rules and the Lifepath system (character creation rules), rather than a set of extra rules and another required purchase. All of the history and source materials from the Core Book aren't included here, it is simply a slimmed down system book. The physical version is also softback and a lot lighter than the hardback Core Book, which means that it can also run as a quick reference guide for GMs, or also a lightweight portable copy once players are into the system if physical copies are your thing rather than all digital.

The Core Book is very much advised for GMs looking to run the Infinity RPG or for anyone who loves the system and wants access to the huge amount of details included inside. The Player's Guide is a great tool for each player to have access to individually, especially when exploring their own character's skill trees. As the GM in our playtest, I found that the Core Book was used during session preparation and the Player's Guide was used in-game for reference and rules referral.

There is some content exclusive to the Player's Guide that isn't published elsewhere. The exclusive content is the Agent Handler guide, a guide to creating the individual or group who handles the player's characters. Also included are the rules for converting your Infinity RPG characters into the Infinity N3 (current 3rd Edition), which means that if you want to run some missions or combat with the Infinity wargame rules, the option is there. Also included are the stats for the Infinity RPG miniatures that were created as part of the Infinity RPG Kickstarter. All of these are a nice addition but aren't essential. However, owning a copy of the Core Book and at least one copy of the Player's guide between the whole group worthwhile.

infinity rpg wave 1 4
The exclusive Infinity RPG miniatures from Modiphius.


Quantronic Heat - Adventure campaign book of three interlinked Infinity RPG scenarios

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Quantronic Heat is an adventure campaign spread across three parts. It's only really for GMs looking to run the scenario, and there isn't anything included other than the adventure itself, although a lot of inspiration for running some scenes and adventures can be taken from it. At 48 pages, it's a very punchy book and a very solid scenario that can easily be tailored to groups of any level. The book includes a lot of maps, NPC character stats, and environment details, as well as the great sidebar tips in the same style as the Core Book throughout. Depending on the style and demands of your group, you might have to tailor certain parts of the adventure, but it's a very balanced scenario in terms of action and investigation, with lots of momentum throughout. It will take several sessions to go through.

While it's a great campaign and the book is well put together, it's not a great introductory campaign for players who aren't well-versed in the Infinity setting and some lighter introductory scenarios should be run first, simply to bring players in. Players who've played a couple of games or have experience with the Infinity skirmish game will get straight into the adventure.

We've been quite light on the details, because we don't want to give too much away. It's enough to say that the book is well put together, the adventure is entertaining, interesting, and action-packed throughout, and the flow between the three adventures is well-handled. A great adventure supplement for the Infinity RPG.

Adventures in the Human Sphere - Ten short adventures across ten different systems in the Infinity Universe

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The ten systems visited are:

  • Acontecimento
  • Bourak
  • Dawn
  • Human Edge
  • Neoterra
  • Paradiso
  • Sol
  • Svalarheima
  • Varuna
  • Yutang
It is noted in the book that Concilium and Shentang aren't included in the adventures, and that they will be visited in future sourcebooks and adventure supplements.

infinity rpg wave 1 5
The systems visited in the Adventures in the Human Sphere - Infinity RPG adventure book.

Each adventure includes maps, adventure hooks for each available character faction, stats and information on adversaries, social and quantronic network maps, as well as a detailed adventure over a number of scenes. The adventures are all very detailed, not to the same extent as the Quantronic Heat adventure release detailed above, as these are meant as detailed inspiration that the GM fleshes out.

All of the adventures are full of theme and are great hooks for getting the players to that system in order to explore further. Veteran Infinity players will find ten great immersive adventures; beginner Infinity players will find a great introduction to most of the systems throughout the Human Sphere. The book is only for GMs and doesn't contain any information other than the ten adventures and the associated details. There's no supplementary information about the systems, but the Core Book contains most of the details the GM needs to flesh out the adventures should it be required.

Adventures in the Human Sphere is a great product for GMs, and while it requires a little more effort than Quantronic Heat to run the adventures, the plots and hooks do a lot of the work themselves.

infinity rpg wave 1 6
The system map from the Infinity RPG books.

The Bottom Line:

The three books in the first wave of Infinity RPG releases are all solid releases. While not essential, as the core rulebook is so complete a product, they will add a lot to your games. The Player's Guide is a great product for players, either to save additional purchases of the Core Book for those that don't require it or as a reference or travel book for GMs. The two adventures books offer two completely different options. Adventures in the Human Sphere gives ten fleshed out adventure hooks in ten very different Infinity worlds, while Quantronic Heat is a complete three adventure campaign that doesn't require much further work from the GM. Both adventure products are full of theme and are designed well enough for both veteran and newbie GMs to find value.


Get this game if:

You have any kind fondness for Infinity. The background information and details are incredible.

You want some great adventures in the Infinity universe.

Your players want access to the rules and character creation process without buying the full core book.


Avoid this game if:

You don't own the Infinity RPG Core Book.

If you're a player, not a GM, Adventures in the Human Sphere and Quantronic Heat are GM only. Get yourself a copy of the Player's Guide though.

You don't like futuristic settings.


If you want to try the Infinity RPG before committing to buying it, you can get a free sampler from DriveThruRPG or direct from Modiphius.


The copies of the Infinity RPG Player's Guide and Quantronic Heat used for this review was provided by Asmodee UK. The PDF copy of Adventure in the Human Sphere was provided by Modiphius.


Have you tried the Infinity RPG? Have you played any adventures in the Human Sphere? Are you running your own adventures or using adventure books?



Review Summary


The Player's Guide, Quantronic Heat and Adventures in the Human Sphere are all great releases. GMs looking for great adventures won't go wrong with the two adventure books, and the Player's Guide is perfect for GMs as a reference book or players who don't want to invest in the Core Book. They are all full of great detail and well-produced.

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