Infinity N4 Raptor Boarding Squad and Nyoka Assault Troops Preview

Need some hard-hitting Zero-G assault troops for your Infinity O-12 force? We check out the Raptor Boarding Squad and Nyoka Assault Troops in our preview.

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Infinity N4 Raptor Boarding Squad and Nyoka Assault Troops

Following up on our Infinity N4 O-12 coverage in Operation Wildfire, and the Starmada Action Pack preview, O-12 have some new specialist units to help keep the peace. In this article, we’ll look at the units in the Raptor Boarding Squad and Nyoka Assault Troops box, along with talking about their profiles and weapon options.

Infinity N4 Raptor Boarding Squad.

Raptor Boarding Squad

“The Raptors are part of the Starmada Rapid Response Regiment. The unit specializes in lightning operations and immediate strike and contingency deployments. As a marine infantry unit, they can be dropped off to establish a beachhead. It is also their duty to carry out Space Interdiction/Boarding Operations and to establish the SWORDFOR Armada’s Security/Counterterrorist Control.”

The Raptor Board Squad box contains:

  • 1x Raptor with MULTI Rifle
  • 1x Raptor with Spitfire
  • 2x Devabots with Heavy Flamethrower
Infinity N4 Raptor Boarding Squad.

Both Raptor units deploy with their Devabots which operate with the Peripheral (Synchronized) special rules. Peripheral units operate within the same order as their controller, and with the same order, so if one moves, they both move.

Both the Raptors and the Devabots come with 360º Visor, Courage and Terrain (Zero-G) and the Raptor also has Immunity (Shock) and NCO, which lets them use the Lieutenants bonus order.

The Raptors have a 6-2 move, armor of 3, BTS of 3, and 2 wounds, which makes them quite durable. The Devabots are 6-4 move, with no armor and a BTS of 3, so not quite so durable, but are great at protecting the Raptor with their heavy flamethrower.

The MULTI rifle Raptor can be taken as three different profiles, the standard, with light flamethrower as well, or the Forward Observer, or Hacker with Kill Hacking Device. The spitfire Raptor also has a light flamethrower for if the need arises, but will probably be positioned to make full use of the spitfire.

Infinity N4 Nyoka Assault Troops.

Nyoka Assault Troops

“These soldiers have survived the hell on earth that was the Vifaru Wars and, after going through that horror they were partly to blame for, there is little that they haven’t seen already. Thus, the Nyoka troops have become the “worst situation unit.” They are Starmada’s elusive and deadly snakes, who will welcome and survive any mission assigned to them, such as supporting the Bronzes in their mutiny suppression operations.”

The Nyoka Assault Troops box contains:

  • 1x Nyoka with MULTI Rifle
  • 1x Nyoka with Heavy Rocket Launcher
  • 1x Nyoka Parachutist with Red Fury
  • 1x Bronze with Red Fury
Infinity N4 Nyoka Assault Troops.

The Nyoka box comes with three different Nyoka profiles. They all have BS +1 damage, which makes all of their profiles much more effective, along with Immunity (Shock), Terrain (Zero-G), Courage, and Climbing Plus, which helps them a lot with positioning. All profiles also have CC 19, Arm 1 and come with a Shock CC weapon and Chain Colt for when enemies get too close.

The first included profile, armed with a MULTI rifle, can also be taken as a forward observer for an extra point. The next included profile is armed with a Heavy Rocket Launcher, where the  +1 damage does some work, boosting the blast damage, and hit damage if you really need to take out a target. Both of these profiles can be included within a Fire Team Harris.

The final profile comes with Parachutist and is armed with a Red Fury. This profile can’t be included in a fire team, but you’re going to be looking to deploy this unit on a table edge, position well, and threaten with the red fury.

The included Bronze is a tank of a unit. 2 wounds, ARM 4, Courage, Immunity (Total), Dodge +1, along with Climbing Plus and Terrain (Zero-G) so they can keep up with the Nyoka’s. They also come with Martial Arts L1, a CC of 19, and an E/M and Para (-6) CC weapon to give anyone who gets too close the good news. If joining up with its Fireteam Duo, its 360º Visor does some work watching their back. The profile in this box comes armed with a Red Fury +1 dam to put some pressure on your opponent.

Infinity N4 O-12.

Both boxes provide some solid profiles and interesting options for getting stuff done for both O-12 and the Starmada sectorial list, as well as some awesome-looking miniatures.

The copies of the Infinity Raptor Board Squad and Nyoka Assault Troops boxes were provided by Corvus Belli.


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