Blood Angels' Commander Dante Returns to Warhammer 40k

In advance of the upcoming wargaming convention, Adepticon, Games Workshop has revealed a new model for Commander Dante from the Blood Angels chapter of the Space Marines.

Published: March 16, 2023 2:55 PM /


A screenshot of the Commander Dante model from Warhammer 40k on a red background.

An older named unit is returning to Warhammer 40k. Games Workshop's grimdark sci-fi tabletop miniatures game has been around since 1987. During that time, the game has gone through plenty of changes, including new editions, new armies, and tons of major characters fighting in a bleak far future ravaged by authoritarian regimes, reality-warping daemons, and vast alien hiveminds. In this case, a major character of the Blood Angels chapter is returning to tables: the Space Marine Commander Dante.

An image of both the new and the old models of Commander Dante from Warhammer 40k.
The difference is quite striking.

Commander Dante's Reveal

According to an official Warhammer-Community post, Commander Dante, the Lord of Angels, is returning to help smite the enemies of the Imperium. But this is not the same Lord Regent of Imperium Nihilus as before: his entire kit has been improved. Dante now sports a brand new Mark X suit of power armor, wrought in gold. Said armor also incorporates his Death Mask of Sanguinius, complete with laurel wreath and refashioned Iron Halo. As for his weapons, he wields the melta-spewing Perdition Pistol, a newly upscaled Axe Mortalis, and a sleek new (equally gold and ornate) jump pack. The new details and scale are so impressive, the post even includes a photo comparison to an older model. The contrast is noticeable.

Commander Dante is one of the oldest Space Marine characters in the lore of Warhammer 40k. Not only has he commanded the Blood Angels for over 1,000 years, but he has also played a role in many battles throughout this war-torn universe. He even took command in an Armageddon campaign, which is known for involving forces capable of widespread planetary destruction.

According to Games Workshop, the announcement of the new Commander Dante model is just the tip of the iceberg. It is the start of more announcements to come at this year's AdeptiCon. As for what this could mean, it could be anything from a new codex for the Blood Angels chapter to potentially a new battlebox featuring this iconic character.

Below you can check out a trailer showing off the miniature from all sides. 

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