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Warcry: Red Harvest

We had a chance to get a look at Warcry: Red Harvest and with it, we were introduced to the new Warbands. The Tarantulos Brood worship the Eightfold Watcher and, using forced mutations, turn their bodies into visual representations of their god. The other group is the Darkoath Savagers, we go into more depth about them in another guide.

 Tarantulos Brood.
The Tarantulos Brood have a couple of fighter options, all fast, all with lots of attacks.

Tarantulos Brood Fighter Types

Their fighter options are:

  • Broodmaster - The Broodmaster is a solid leader. A move of six and six attack dice. They can also resurrect spider swarms with a triple, and all of the Brood can give spiders a bonus move or attack action on a double. The master can ignore vertical distances moved with a double, but with a move of six, those doubles are always better used on attacking with spiders.
  • Doomweaver with Trident and Net - The Doomweavers have two weapon options, both with the same move of five to get them into combat quickly, they're not very hardy though, so keeping them at range is preferred. The trident and net is ten more points and has a range two, three dice attack and an ability that can lock an enemy in place.
  • Doomweaver with Flail and Goad - The Doomweavers have two weapon options, both with the same move of five to get them into combat quickly, they're not very hardy though, so keeping them at range is preferred. The flail and goad option is ten fewer points than the trident and has a range one and three attack, both three dice, with the range three doing a little less damage. Saving those ten points for this version, and having both the range options is a good deal, while the net restriction ability is good, you're probably going to be spending your doubles on reactivating your spiders.
  • Broodkin - The Broodkin comes with three weapon options. This standard option is the best go-to version. They all have a move of five, and as with the rest of the Brood, aren't very hardy, but this version is sixty-five points and has a range one, four dice attack. All three options have a triple ability that can poison enemies, which is great in a pinch, but they all also have the ability to move or attack with a spider swarm on a double, which is probably a better use.
  • Broodkin with Sythe and Spider Claw - This version is fifteen more points than basic version, and a range one and two attack option, both with two dice. More points for half the attack dice is absolutely not worth it. You probably won't be using the range two attack, as you're kin will be throwing themselves into combat to protect your better fighters.
  • Broodkin with Sai - The sai option is only five more points than the basic kin, and trades one less attack dice for a slightly higher strength and crit damage.
  • Spider Swarm - Thirty-five points, move six and eight attacks. Spider-swarm will be a thing. Can be resurrected by the Broodmaster and reactivated by everyone else. You need troops to reactive them, but taking a few of these won't see you wrong.
 Tarantulos Brood cards.
The  Tarantulos Brood don't have a lot of fighter options, but those they do have are solid.

How to build out of the box

The Tarantulos Brood are only currently available in the Warcry: Red Harvest boxed set.

The Tarantulos Brood have four fighters types, with armament options for two of them. Some choices will have to be made when building.

The sprues let you build:

Set miniatures

  • 1x Broodmaster
  • 1x Doomweaver with Trident and Net
  • 1x Doomweaver with Flail and Goad
  • 3x Broodkin with Sythe and Spider Claw
  • 3x Spider Swarm

Optional Armaments

  • 4x Broodkin or 4x Broodkin with Sai

If building out of the box, the points values for the set miniatures are 725. So building four Broodkin will make it 985. You can build three Broodkin with sai's and still be under 1000 points, but if you're looking to get another box of the Brood to build a competitive list, then build the basic Broodkin.

 Tarantulos Brood.

Tarantulos Brood General Tactics

The Tarantulos Brood are fast, and have a lot of high attack fighters. Tie up enemies with the spider swarms and Broodkin, go for as many doubles as you can, and reactivate spiders in combat for those eight-dice attack. You can safely run around with your leader and Doomweavers capturing objectives or trying to finish off enemies.

WarCry Deployment Cards
Warcry Deployment Cards.

Tarantulos Brood Deployment Tactics

For this section, we're only looking at the balanced options for each of the decks in Warcry: Red Harvest. Using all the cards is harder to predict and plan for, but great for open friendly games.

Hammer, Dagger, and Shield all appear on the table three out of six times and come on in round two in the other three out of six. So spreading your warband between them is essential. If playing out of the box, put your Brood Master, and a Doomweaver in each group, and divide the Broodkin and Spiders between them.

The Brood as fast, so quite forgiving in deployment, but dividing them equally between the three mean you won't be left without a spider, heavy hitter or Broodkin screen in any group.

WarCry Victory Cards
Warcry Victory Cards.

Tarantulos Brood Mission Tactics

Out of the six balanced missions, five are objective capturing and one is fighter removal.

The Tarantulos Brood have solid numbers but aren't very hardy. So swarm objectives and pick your targets. Try and use Broodkin and Spiders to slow an enemy down, and use your doubles to reactivate spiders to keep attacking.

The copy of the Warcry: Red Harvest used to produce this article was provided by Warhammer Community.


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