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If you're a fan of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, then you'll love the small-scale skirmish game WarCry. It's some of the factions and planets you love, but with a new perspective that might be unfamiliar to you. That's why we're proud to present our WarCry The Unmade guide to help you come to terms with the game's many playable factions and their differences. 

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Warhammer: Age of Sigmar WarCry - The Unmade Guide 

The Unmade are fallen philosopher-kings from the Realm of Death, driven to worship the Chaos gods to protect them against the undead besieging their kingdom. 

The Unmade are all about swarm and control. They’re not fast or tough, but they have access to lots of cheap fighters, some ranged attacks and a rune ability that can lock a fighter up for a round.

WarCry The Unmade Fighter Types
The Unmade have access to a few fighters, with a single armament option for 1 of them.

The Unmade Fighter Types

The Unmade have access to the following fighters:

  • Blissful One - The Blissful One is a serious combat threat. A move of 8, and 5 attacks with 6 crit damage, they’re a powerhouse of a leader. It does mean you’re going to be throwing your leader into combat, especially with the Vessel of Torment rune ability. For a triple, if they have taken an enemy out of action, they can make a bonus move and attack action. With a move of 8, even if they’re not in combat at the start of the round, they can move, attack and if they take an enemy out of action, do it again by discarding a triple. If they are in combat, then they have 2 chances to take an enemy out before discarding the triple. They only have 20 wounds at toughness 4, so they need to be protected and fights chosen wisely, but they can cause an insane amount of destruction on the table.
  • Joyous One - The Joyous One has move 5, with 4 attacks with 4 crit damage, so they’re solid, but not amazing. They do have the Flaying Frenzy rune, where for a triple, they can roll a dice for each visible enemy within 3 inches, doing some damage on a 3+. They can be thrown into the thick of the fighting. 15 wounds mean they won’t survive long, but having them land on an objective where your opponent is trying to outnumber you can be handy in building up damage on weaker enemies. 145 points mean that you’ll want to keep them alive to ensure you get your points worth out of them, but it’s unlikely as they are best used against large groups of enemies.
  • Ascended One - The Ascended Ones are pricey at 125. 10 wounds, and 4 attacks with crit 4 mean they’re average fighters. They do have access to the Chain Garotte rune, which has a 5-inch range and does damage on a 3+. It can be handy for softening up enemies from a distance. The Nightmarish Visage rune is a better use of a double though, as it can stop an enemy from moving for the rest of the round, effectively making them useless if not engaged. You can get 2 Awakened Ones for the points of an Ascended One, which can work better for swarming lots of attacks.
  • Awakened One with Brutal Polearm - There are 2 types of Awakened Ones both with the same stats, but different weapons. Move 4, Toughness 3 and 10 wounds mean they won’t be around for long. But at 60 points you won’t care that much. The Brutal Polearm weapon option has range 2, 2 attacks with crit 4 damage. 
  • Awakened One with Flail - The Awakened One with Flail option has the same base stats at the Brutal Polearm but has a 1-inch and 3-inch attack option. Both roll 3 dice, but do less damage than the Brutal Polearm. Rolling more dice at 3 range is always better, so take as many of these as you can, which is 13 plus a Blissful one for exactly 1000 points. It’s like the Chaos Gods planned it. TechRaptor is not responsible for any loss of friends for using that list.
WarCry The Unmade
The Unmade have some cheap troop options and some great control abilities.

How to build out of the box

The Unmade are available in their own boxed set, which is available to purchase here.

The Unmade only have 4 fighter types, with 1 armament option for 1 fighter. The boxes are fixed though, with only cosmetic options for the fighters.

The sprues let you build.

  • 1x Blissful One
  • 1x Joyous One
  • 3x Ascended One
  • 1x Awakened One with Flail
  • 3x Awakened One with Brutal Polearm

Out of the box, there are no armament options, so if you want to add more Awakened Ones with Flail's, some modifications will be required. It is entirely possible to modify Ascended Ones with Joyous ones, simply by changing the position of the ring on their backs to around their heads and changing their base size, or even upgrading Awakened Ones with either by adding rings. So while there is no prescribed scope for variation, it is entirely possible to add some variety to your warband composition with multiple boxes.

WarCry The Unmade
The TechRaptor Unmade warband out of the box.

General Tactics

The Unmade aren’t fast. Or tough. Or strong. But they are scary and they roll some dice, and you can take lots of them. Swarm and control is their strength, locking your opponent’s fighters into outnumbered combats and have the Joyous One and Blissful One run rampant around the board. Your troops will go down eventually, so try to make sure all combats are in your favor.

Use Nightmarish Visage, which all Unmade have access to, to lock down key fighters. If they can’t move, and they’re not engaged in combat, you’ve negated them for a round. Spam this ability. Unless you have a quad and a fighter with damage, then use Gift of Agony to give them a bonus attack action with 1 extra attack and +1 strength.

WarCry Deployment
WarCry Deployment Cards.

Deployment Tactics

For this section, we're only looking at the balanced options for each of the decks. Using all the cards is harder to predict and plan for, but great for open friendly games.

Using only the balanced deployment cards, Shield is deployed 15 times out of 18 on the table. Your shield should be your Blissful One and an entourage of Awakened Ones. You have strength in numbers, and the Unmade are weak, so put the maximum amount of fighters you have here. If your opponent can outnumber you, things won’t go well.

Hammer appears in Round 2 onwards 10 out of 18 times and Dagger 8 out of 18 times. If you’ve taken Joyous Ones and Ascended Ones, they can go in Hammer and Dagger, with some Awakened Ones to make up the numbers. If they come on late game, rush into backup any battles that aren’t going in your favor or grab late-game objectives.

WarCry Victory
WarCry Victory Cards.

Mission Tactics

Out of the 18 balanced missions, six are combat based, requiring removing either the leader or different deployment groups. 9 are objective-based and three are mixed, movement/survival-based.  

The Unmade are good at swarming objectives and or taking out a specific fighter. They’re also good at defending when a whole deployment group must be removed. They do require some work if you have to defeat a lot of enemies, and keeping them around on objectives all games can be a challenge. Use Awakened Ones to lock up enemy units, and Nightmarish Visage to stop your opponent positioning well.

The copies of the WarCry products used to produce this article were provided by Goblin Gaming.

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