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Feldherr WarCry

Warhammer Age of Sigmar WarCry has some incredible miniatures. They're full of motion and detail. A lot of them are wielding weapons in great poses, but some of them don't conform to standard angles and miniature compositions. They're small miniatures, but they have spikey bits and because of how they're holding weapons, they take up a lot of space. This has made finding a storage and transportation system interesting. The miniature's for each warband are also not fixed in terms of armament, not like the miniatures in Warhammer Underworlds, so fixed foam trays aren't always an option. But Feldherr has our backs with their selection of Feldherr WarCry foam trays.

They have a single half-tray that's available in different depths, that's suitable for the 6 Chaos WarCry warbands. The tray has 10 slots, of 3 different sizes. 6 small, 2 long and 2 square that can accommodate the larger miniatures in each warband. The images below show 5 of the 6 Chaos Warbands in this tray.

Untamed Beasts

WarCry Feldherr Untamed Beasts

Cypher Lords

WarCry Feldherr Cypher Lords

Corvus Cabal

WarCry Feldherr Corvus Cabal

Splintered Fang

WarCry Feldherr Splintered Fang

The Unmade

WarCry Feldherr The Unmade

Iron Golems

Feldherr also offers a 7 and 10 fighter generic foam tray and we've used the Iron Golems to show how they look inside. The Iron Golems also work well with the trays shown above.

WarCry Feldherr Iron Golems

The 7 and 10 Fighter foam trays can also be used for the Age of Sigmar warbands that are available to play in WarCry.

WarCry Feldherr 7 Fighter Tray

Feldherr WarCry Full-Size Foam Trays are also available for the Chaotic Beasts and the scenery that come with the WarCry starter set, just in case you are transporting your entire set and not just an individual warband.

WarCry Feldherr Chaotic Beasts

All of the Feldherr WarCry foam trays fit inside Feldherr's carry bags and all six Chaos Warbands can fit inside the FeldHerr Maxi with spare slots for dice and tokens. The rulebook also fits in the front zip pocket of the Maxi Case.

WarCry FeldherrWarCry Feldherr

Feldherr offers a variety of transport solutions with hard cases, storage boxes, and several different sizes of the Maxi and Mini cases.

We've tested out their Mini-Plus and Maxi cases and these can be seen in the photo above with the WarCry foam trays. We've been using Feldherr for a while and these foam trays are no exception to the usual impressive standard we've come to expect from their products. Some of the WarCry miniatures are incredibly fragile and having a flexible storage solution that can be used for all warbands is extremely handy. Combined with the Maxi case, we were easily able to transport all 6 warbands, along with the rulebook and all the dice and tokens, with room to spare. Feldherr also has foam trays for dice and cards if you want extra protection for your setup and fighter cards.

The Feldherr WarCry foam trays and all of their cases can be found and bought on their website

Feldherr have given TechRaptor an exclusive discount code for our readers. The code is valid until 11/30/2020 and gives a discount of 5 Euros from a minimum 50 Euro order. Use the Code: TECHRAP20 at checkout via the Feldherr site.

What do you use to transport and protect your WarCry miniatures? Do you have any Feldherr products? What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments below.


The Feldherr WarCry foam trays and carry cases featured in this article were provided by Feldherr.

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