This Week in Wargaming – December 8th, 2015

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Hello, TechRaptor readers. Hopefully you’ve fully recovered from turkey comas and shopping blitzkriegs by now, so let’s get caught up on recent events in wargaming! Apologies for the late entry; real life took center stage over the holidays in the form of a new job (yay!) and my wife's car being totaled (boo!)

First up is a number of Games Workshop and Forge World releases. Games Workshop recently released a new model for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar’s Archaeon Everchosen, along with a helpful painting tutorial from the Bob Ross of the miniature world, Duncan Rhodes. The company also released the Varanguard, Archaeon’s elite bodyguard as well. On the Forge World side, we have the model for Nathaniel Garro, Hand of the Sigilite. Fans of “Flight of the Eisenstein” and the Garro audio dramas will be familiar with the character already and eagerly await his release.

Image courtesy of Games Workshop
Image courtesy of Games Workshop
Image courtesy of Games Workshop
Image courtesy of Games Workshop
Image courtesy of Forge World
Image courtesy of Forge World

We also have a roaring start to this year’s GW Advent Calendar with a number of tutorial videos done by both veteran painter Duncan and GW newcomer Emma. So far, we’ve seen tutorials on everything from basic techniques like painting white armor and blue steel (No, not from Zoolander) to what is considered the holy grail of GW miniature painting: Harlequin diamonds.

Deraj Studios recently re-launched their Kickstarter for Portals: Worlds Collide. The 32mm skirmish level wargame draws heavily from Slavic mythology, and the Kickstarter page itself has several video tutorials showing how the game itself plays in its current state. The game is already fully funded, and the campaign has 24 days to go. Expect to see more coverage of the game in the near future.

Front Line Gaming recently published a high-level look at strategy in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, with the promise of more in-depth articles in the future. The company is well-known not only for the convenient F.A.T. Maps, but for being big names in the 40K tournament scene with both the ITC and the Las Vegas Open.

Privateer Press recently launched their Holiday Sale, extending all the way to December 28th. The sale not only covers their Warmachine and Hordes wargaming lines, but everything from Skull Island eXpeditions to board, card, and roleplaying games as well.

Themed wargaming base creators Dark Art Miniatures is also having a lengthy sale on their site, as well. Using the code “darkwinter” will get you 10% off your order, and orders over 30GBP will net you a small surprise from Mr. Snow.

And finally, a quick hobby tip I came across on Twitter: If you have some old square bases laying around, why not repurpose them for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar markers?

AoS Markers
Image courtesy of @JabberTzeentch of Twitter


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