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Infinity CodeOne Guide

Infinity CodeOne Introduction

Infinity CodeOne is a sci-fi skirmish wargame from Corvus Belli with an anime/cyberpunk feel. CodeOne is a streamlined version of their Infinity wargame and while it includes the core mechanics of Infinity, it has a limited army pool of 4 factions and a maximum limit of 10 units in a force.

CodeOne is a beginner-friendly Infinity experience as the limited pool to draw forces from means that there is less to learn for a new player in terms of troops, abilities, and weapons. Games are much faster and take up less space than full games of Infinity. It’s a perfect jumping-in point and if players like CodeOne, they can easily expand their forces out to the full rules. CodeOne is perfect for pick-up games of Infinity, over lunchtime, or tournament play as the games are quicker to complete.

Infinity CodeOne

Infinity N3/N4 - CodeOne Differences

The main difference between Infinity and CodeOne are the forces that are available for it. Infinity has 9 main factions, each with several available sub-factions and a number of Non-Aligned Armies. Each force has a huge selection of units available to it. Infinity CodeOne has 4 different factions, each with just over 20 units available to them. CodeOne games are limited to 10 units, which controls the required table space and the time it takes to play games.

There are some streamlining of rules, but the core difference between Infinity and CodeOne is this smaller scale game, with limited forces. Infinity is well known as a complex game. The simplicity of the core mechanics are followed by a huge learning curve, and this control and limitation of the CodeOne forces makes it a lot more beginner-friendly, whilst keeping the rules that make Infinity what it is.

Infinity CodeOne to N4

Can I upgrade from CodeOne to N3/N4?

CodeOne and Infinity N3 (and N4 when it releases) are entirely compatible, within the CodeOne forces. What this means is that players picking up any CodeOne releases, which start with Operation Kaldstrom, can use those forces in Infinity N3/N4, expanding into a full game when they want to.

Players of Infinity are also able to play CodeOne, within the limitations of the CodeOne available forces.

Infinity CodeOne Shooting Example.

Infinity CodeOne Mechanics

Infinity CodeOne has 2 core mechanics. The order pool and Automatic Reaction Orders (ARO). Each turn, every unit still standing in your force provides an order token. Order tokens are spent to activate your units during your turn and can be allocated to units as you choose. For example, if you have 10 orders, they can all be spent to activate a single unit 10 times, or split between different units. This gives a lot of flexibility each turn and you can prioritize a goal, spending orders until it’s achieved.

Automatic Reaction Orders are actions you take during your opponent's turn. They allow units to react to actions made by the enemy, like dodging an attack or shooting in response to an enemy attack or movement. This makes turns very dynamic, and you have to be aware of your opponent’s possible reactions to your actions. If your units move out of cover, which enemy units will be able to fire at them? If you fire at an enemy, will they be able to return effective fire?

Skill tests are taken on D20’s, and require rolling under the attribute being tested. If the enemy reacts to your action, it changes the roll to a face-to-face roll, which means you have to roll under your attribute, but above the enemy's roll to succeed.

Infinity CodeOne - What Do You Need To Play?

To play Infinity CodeOne you need:

  • A copy of the rules
  • A twenty-sided dice - D20 (3 are recommended)
  • A measuring stick or tape measure
  • Tokens (these can be official tokens, or anything used to mark units and track orders)
  • A force of Infinity miniatures
  • A battlefield (usually 24x32 inches up to 48x48 inches, filled with as much scenery as possible)

The quickstart-rules and full rulebook are available for free on the Corvus Belli website. There is also a very detailed Infinity CodeOne Wiki and official Army Builder that is also available in a free mobile app.

The easiest way to start Infinity is through the Operation Kaldstrom 2-player starter set, as it gives you everything you need to start playing, including 2 forces and scenery. But if you don't want to play either of the included forces, you can get together the above products, and start with either of the other faction Action Packs.

Infinity CodeOne Products

Infinity CodeOne Operation Kaldstrom.

2-Player Starter Set - Operation Kaldstrom

TechRpator Operation Kaldstrom Preview

Infinity CodeOne Operation Kaldstrom contains everything that 2 players need to start playing. It includes 2 forces, who are battling over the frozen research labs of Kaldstrom, a scenery pack to represent the research labs. Op Kaldstrom also contains all the tokens, dice, and measurement tools 2 players need and an introductory rulebook. The introductory rulebook sets the narrative for the operation and includes 5 introductory missions that slowly build up the forces and rules, guiding players through their first games.

Infinity CodeOne Rulebook

Infinity CodeOne Rulebook

After players have worked through the introductory booklet, they are free to expand to the full rules, which are available for free download here. Also on that page are the quickstart rules. So if you already own some miniatures, you can give the rules a go straight away to see if you like the system. Infinity CodeOne also has a free army builder, that's available online and in an app that can be used to plan the expansion of your force.


Infinity CodeOne Beyond Kaldstrom.

Beyond Packs

After each new Operation starter set is released for Infinity, they are followed by a Beyond Pack. These packs are an easy way to directly expand the forces from the Operation pack.

The first Beyond Pack for CodeOne is Beyond Kaldstrom and it is the perfect way to thematically expand the forces from Operation Kaldstrom. It contains 6 brand new miniatures, 3 for each faction and they are wearing the same cold-weather gear as the new sculpts in Operation Kaldstrom. Beyond Kaldstrom adds some real punch and expert abilities to the Kaldstrom forces.

Infinity CodeOne Dire Foes.

Dire Foes Packs

The Dire Foes packs offer a thematic narrative, whilst expanding the player's forces. The first Dire Foes pack for CodeOne is Retaliation. It contains a new unit for both PanOceania and Yu Jing, along with a less combative miniature that can be used as a neutral unit or objective for missions. Retaliation contains Imperial Agent Adil Mehmut, who features in the latest Infinity Graphic novel, Betrayal.

Infinity CodeOne Action Packs.

Action Packs

Action packs are a great way to start playing a new CodeOne faction. Both the O-12 and Combined Army CodeOne Action Packs contain units from Operation Wildfire and the Beyond Wildfire expansion. The action packs provide a solid core from which to expand your new faction, and with the limited units in CodeOne, you can take your time learning the units, and adding expansion packs as required.

Infinity CodeOne Expansion Packs.

Expansion Packs

Infinity CodeOne has a streamlined expansion pack system. So far released for each of the 4 factions are:

  • Support Pack - Support packs contain specialist units like medics and engineers.
  • Remotes Pack - Remotes are semi-autonomous support units, usually controlled by a hacker from your force.
  • Booster Pack Alpha - Adds specialists with an array of options to your force.
  • Booster Pack Beta - Adds further specialists and list building options.
  • TAG Pack - Large weaponized suits for real hard-hitting power. You can read our CodeOne TAG Guide here.

These expansion packs are a great way to flesh out your chosen faction.

Infinity CodeOne Factions

Infinity CodeOne Factions

The forces in CodeOne aren't hugely varied in playstyle as all armies are designed to be 10 models and show off the main features of the game. But each has a unique feel and background.

  • PanOceania - They are the interstellar super-power with unlimited resources and huge military might. Hard-hitting and aggressive, PanO features some of the best gunfighters, biggest weapons, and most advanced technologies on the battlefield. 
  • Yu Jing - The opposing super-power, they are the countries of the Far East united under one banner. Relying on stealth and speed, Yu Jing are able to quickly get up close and personal and pack a hefty punch when they get there. 
  • O-12 - The Human Sphere's embodiment of the law. They specialize in controlling the battlefield and locking down their foes, using deadly force when necessary. 
  • Combined Army - A faction of combined alien races, under the leadership of an Evolved Intelligence. Whether infiltrating into the enemy's ranks or waging a full-frontal assault, the Combined Army are able to pose threats on multiple fronts, spreading the enemy thin before destroying them.

This guide was put together with the help of our resident Infinity pro-player Andy 'Riker' Roo. He runs his own Infinity blog where he posts great insight and further details on units and tactics as well as including tournament reports.

The Infinity CodeOne products used to produce this guide were provided by Corvus Belli.


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