Is Call of Duty: WWII DLC 1 Worth Playing?

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In early 2016 the Call of Duty community received one of the greatest zombies maps of all time: "Der Eisendrache." This DLC brought intensity to the overall narrative, four wonder weapon variants, and one of the biggest Easter egg quests that ended with the FIRST ever zombies mode boss fight.  Ever since this map launched, the expectations of the player base has been high.  Later that year with the launch of Infinite Warfare, gamers received the first of developer Infinity Ward's zombies expansion known as "Rave in the Redwoods."  While Rave in the Redwoods was a great map, it was lacking in some areas, primarily the Easter egg, but that was to be expected.  Because of the difference in developers and the bar raised by Developer Teryarch, the flavor of Rave in The Redwoods did not sit well with players.

Two years after Der Eisendrache, Call of Duty zombies fans were hit with The Darkest Shore (COD: WWII’s zombie map in DLC 1).  While I initially loved the new map, the honeymoon phase deteriorated quickly, and I began to notice the rather unbecoming flaws. The map is solely based around the Easter egg quest and concludes with a lackluster boss fight.  When a zombies map is only designed for one purpose and you complete that objective, well, you’re done with the map.  So what are players supposed to do for the rest of the three months until DLC 2 comes out?  The answer is easy … play Fortnite!  All kidding aside, The Darkest Shore is a good map, but it is not great.  It is confusing to see how two years ago Treyarch blew the community away with Der Eisendrache and paid attention to such subtle details that felt natural to the game.  Sledgehammer Games biggest fault is creating a mode that allows their player base to feel unsatisfied and go elsewhere, similar to another Activision property.  After taking many steps backward with COD: WW2’s rendition of zombies, the fan base in general seems to be looking toward Treyarch’s new unannounced title to get their zombies fix, and that is not a good place to be for Sledgehammer Games.

In the video above, I delve into a few more things that Sledgehammer Games could improve upon, as well as some ideas as to why the Call of Duty franchise is changing as a whole.

Which Call of Duty developer is your favorite?  Do you even enjoy zombies mode?  What will Edward Richtofen do next?  Let us know in the comments below!

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