Valve Sends Out 2017 Steam Awards Trophies

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You probably thought the title was a typo. 2017 was two years ago, and the 2017 Steam awards were over a year ago now. But, after a tweet by developer Garry Newman, it seems that Valve Time is quite a bit slower than expected (well unless you've been waiting for Half Life 3 or another Valve game).

Gary Newman is the creator of Garry's Mod and the founder of Facepunch Studios, also known for developing survival title Rust. He recently tweeted that he received his 2017 Steam Awards trophy, which means that it took over a year to deliver.

Newman and Facepunch received the award for the "Defies Description" category which is self-explanatory, especially if you've played Gary's Mod for yourself. Other games in the category included Antichamber, Doki Doki Literature Club, Pony Island, and The Stanley Parable. 

The trophy itself looks as though most of it is made from plastic and is completely silver, although the shape is true to the 2017 Steam Awards pictures. The trophy mock-up (which you can see on Steam's trading card wikia) looks like it's painted in a certain style, but definitely not this silver color.

The 2018 Award winners have finished collecting votes, but the winners won't be announced until some time in February 2019. The timeliness of the trophies or the quality are up in the air, so we can only guess in due Valve time.

Quick Take

2017 was the second year for the Steam Awards, so there's certain to be some bumps in the road while Valve work out the kinks. Still, for a multi-billion dollar company, one would think the trophy would look a little prettier, or arrive in a timely fashion. Still, it's not the ugliest thing in the world - it's just disappointing. Here's hoping for 2019 that they can make it higher quality while arriving in time. Other award shows have them ready beforehand, so why can't Valve?

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