The Universe at Your Command: Astroneer's Creative Update Live Now

11/17/2019 - 09:16 | By: Kyle Johnson
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Planetary Resurfacing

System Era Softworks have launched the Creative Mode update for Astroneer, coming at the same time as the launch of the PlayStation 4 version. Creative Mode comes with customizable survival settings, item generators/duplicators, and much more. Creative Mode can be toggled on at any time, but it will lock you out of earning achievements on the save file permanently. Here's a quick rundown of what tools and generators you'll have access to in Creative Mode:

  • Creation Tool, a terrain tool variant that doesn't require any power or soil to operate
    • The Creation Tool also comes with Eyedrop and Paint modes, to decorate your landscapes
    • The Creation Tool itself can also be customized, changing the brush size, color palette and more
  • Delivery Catalog, where you can spawn items without needing bytes or resources
    • The catalog can also spawn Item Plinths, which can be used to spawn items from various crafting stations in-game, all without resources
  • Astroneers can duplicate or delete any item, all with the press of a button
  • Players can freely fly without the use of a jetpack, meaning players can create large freestanding structures
  • Terrain level-of-detail anchors can be placed, meaning the terrain maintains detail even at a distance
    • In the associated news post, the anchors are used to highlight massive player-created structures
  • Various options only available in Creative Mode, where players can edit the time of day, flight speed, turn off oxygen and fuel needs and more

The Creative Mode update also aims to take down a couple of lingering nasty bugs related to desync. The update also launches alongside the PS4 version of Astroneer, which will receive regular updates to keep it in tandem with the PC version. Astroneer reportedly does not support cross-platform multiplayer at this time, but considering more and more games are trending in that direction, we might well see a future update link all three platforms together.

If you're thinking that there's been a rush of updates for Astroneer in recent months, you're not alone. Since launching out of Steam Early Access last November, updates have arrived at a steady clip, with the last three updates improving movement options, exploration, and terraforming. There's still one more major update set to arrive in December, the contents of which remain under wraps. Still, with the Creative Mode update live now, there's never been a better time to check out the charming space survival sim Astroneer.

What do you plan on creating in Astroneer's new Creative Mode? What do you think the unknown update will contain? Let us know in the comments below!


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