Astroneer Exploration Update Adds Jetpacks, Glowsticks and More

Published: September 8, 2019 12:00 PM /


astroneer exploration update

System Era's latest update for space-survival sim Astroneer adds jetpacks, glowsticks, and new base materials alongside bug fixes. All of the details were posted via the official Steam Community page. The Astroneer Exploration Update is the first major update in nearly two months, the last of which paid homage to the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing. Additionally, System Era is preparing for the launch of Astroneer on the PS4 as was announced at PAX West, which is set to come in November of this year. With the Astroneer Exploration Update now live, players can now reach new heights in their 25th-century adventure.

The full list of new items available in update is as follows:

  • Hydrazine Jet Pack -- provides directional thrust, consumes hydrazine
  • Solid-Fuel Jump Jet -- provides additional boost when jumping, limited-time use
  • Small Camera -- takes photograph when slotted, time-delayed when placed on ground
  • Glowsticks -- 15-minute illumination device
  • Field Shelter -- Packable shelter that provides a mobile spawn point
  • Large Hoop Platform A
  • Large Hoop Platform B
  • Large Storage Ring
  • Extra Large Arch Platform

The last four items are all recreational base pieces, all of which come with the new reaction slot system. System Era says that when either a player or ball object activates a platform, any attached object will also be activated. This, presumably, can be used to design games and other events for you and your friends.

The Astroneer Exploration Update will not be the last update for Astroneer, either. System Era has quite the laundry list of future features planned or at least in the concept stage, if their Trello roadmap is any indication. The team is also hard at work on dedicated servers, as well as cross-platform play between PC and Xbox players. Beyond the extensive "Friend-Sized Update," a free-play "creative" mode is also planned, as well as new content for the base game. All of this ensures that fans of Astroneer, which is already excellent in its own right, will not be at a loss for content in the future. The Exploration Update for Astroneer is available now.

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