Track Down Space Probes in Astroneer's Wanderer Update

Published: September 27, 2019 10:00 AM /


astroneer wanderer update

The Astroneer Wanderer Update is here, bringing with it some neat new devices for players to craft and a little bit of new gameplay. Primarily, players will be able to hunt down historical space probes by making use of a new scanning device (and potentially unlock some cool new cosmetics). Additionally, the Astroneer 2019 Roadmap has been updated.

Rediscover Voyager In the Astroneer Wanderer Update

The big-ticket addition for the Astroneer Wanderer Update is that space probes will finally have a use in the game. For some background, historical probes like Voyager 2 could be found in the game for some time now, but many of them had no real purpose other than as a cool easter egg or the source of one or two items. Now, these probes are integrated into gameplay.

Players can craft a Scanner from their backpack at the cost of 1 Steel. This Scanner can then be attached to the backpack and used to find probes. Once you make your way through the content in the Wanderer Update, you'll unlock a suit and Wanderer palettes!

Additionally, players can now create a Figurine Platform and EXO Holographic Figurines. The latter can be placed on the former, or players can hunt down Stone Figurines on some of the game's planets and store these instead!

Lastly (but far from leastly), two new platforms have been added: the Large Curved Platform and Extra Large Curved Platform. The fine folks at System Era Softworks have also updated the Astroneer 2019 Roadmap.

astroneer 2019 roadmap

The Astroneer 2019 Roadmap

Astroneer has a lot of plans for post-launch content, and the Astroneer Wanderer Update is only one small piece of the plan. Next month will see the release of the Groundwork Update, while the Creative Update will follow in November 2019. What lies beyond that has not yet been announced.

You can watch the dev's livestream talking about this update and the Astroneer Wanderer Update over on Twitch. There's also a trailer for this update which you can see below.

If this game seems like something you'd love to play, you can buy Astroneer for $29.99 or your regional equivalent on Steam or on the Humble Store. Console players can get the Xbox One version at the Microsoft Store or pre-order the PlayStation 4 version at the PlayStation Store for the same price.

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What do you think of the Astroneer Wanderer Update? What upcoming content in the Astroneer 2019 Roadmap are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

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