Tower of Fantasy Vera Update Releases Next Week

Published: October 13, 2022 4:30 PM /


Official artwork showing Ruby from the Tower of Fantasy Vera Update.

Tower of Fantasy is an MMO that was released earlier this year. This free MMO joined the free-to-play open-world ranks of titles like Genshin Impact. While fans of Tower of Fantasy have been able to play through all of the base game so far, it's today that we finally got news on the first update. This update will be the Tower of Fantasy Vera Update and will be completely free and available on October 20th. This update will be available simultaneously on all platforms the game is currently available on.

What's in the Tower of Fantasy Vera Update?

The tower of fantasy Vera update introduces players to a whole new area featuring two distinct environments. Players can set foot in the cyberpunk city of Mirroria, a beautiful city that is hiding a dangerous and grim underbelly, Or they can explore the beautiful desert Gobby, though players should also watch out for any radiation. No matter where players go, they will find new monsters, missions, events, raids, and more to take part in. Exploring this desert, you'll need to watch out that you don't get stuck in quicksand or find an oasis to shelter at.

An image of the cyberpunk city from the Tower of Fantasy Vera Update

One of the new world bosses is the Magma Lair. Originally created in the city, magma's evil owners have since released it, so it wanders the desert picking fights. Magma looks like the fusion of a crocodile and the rocky landscape that it inhabits. When fighting Magma Lair it will create a wall to trap you in close combat. Another new world boss is Rudolph, a mechanical moose. When you're not dodging his horns, you'll be watching out for lightning that he conjures.

There's a special difficult area in the desert known as the gray space. Once inside the Grayspace, everything will darken, and Grayspace Entities will appear and challenge you to your toughest fight yet. The tower of fantasy Vera update will offer the biggest rewards available to players who fully participate in all of the newly available activities. You'll have the opportunity to earn 70 draws and more.

An image of the magma world boss from the Tower of Fantasy Vera Update

A new character in the Tower of Fantasy Vera Update

Today's special stream event also showed off the new support character Ruby. As well as getting introduced to the character, her new spark weapon and abilities were also teased with her being seen in combat. We don't have any details on her abilities yet, but it will be interesting to find out more in the future.


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