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The world of Aida, the setting for Tower of Fantasy, is a sprawling world filled not only with lush forests and fields but also with cyberpunk metropolitan cities filled with unique characters. As a JRPG there are plenty of deep mechanics to get involved in with Tower of Fantasy including how you might level your character, where to get certain loot, and how to complete some of the more puzzling quests. In the Tower of Fantasy Guide Hub, we'll be connecting together each of the guides created for this hotly anticipated online game as well as answering some of those burning questions you might have about the game.

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You can play the game without spending a cent

Tower of Fantasy features a huge open world so filled with different collectibles, world bosses, story and side quests, and more that when you first load up the game you'll be tripping over things to do wherever you go. Even if it's not something directly obvious to you that will earn you some kind of reward there are also achievements and quest rewards that will earn you all kinds of different currencies used in Tower of Fantasy. Especially starting up Tower of Fantasy while you're getting the lay of the land just focus on exploring, collecting items and rewards, and playing the story. Through natural progression, you'll earn all kinds of rewards that will even allow you to pull for more characters in the game's Gatcha system.


Interact with everything!

It's hard to take 10 steps in this world and not bump into something but a lot of them have useful items inside. If you see what looks like an anenome on the ground you can throw a Water Element into them to get a Purple Nucleus, Purple Nucleus are also hidden in mounds or Tar and even inside dandelions sometimes. Each Purple Nucleus will allow you to do another gatcha pull for the normal Special Delivery system allowing you to earn an item or have a chance to pull a Simulacrum.


Wait until you earn your movement Relics before too much exploring

With such a large open world you'll be spending a lot of time warping between the different Spacerifts or just running across the land. Within the first 18-20 levels of the game you'll manage to earn yourself a Jetpack, Motorcycle, and a Jetboard. These can be used to greatly speed up your vertical and horizontal movement, with the Jetboard you can even glide over water. These relics will allow you to make your way through the world much faster than you could otherwise and are worth picking up before you do too much exploring of Astra.


Tower of Fantasy Guide Hub - F.A.Q

What is Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is a Third-Person JRPG developed by Hotta Studio and Published by Level Infinite. It's an open-world JRPG set in a future Cyberpunk setting, though there's also plenty of green life around the world. The game has a similar vibe to Genshin Impact in its open-world exploration and free-to-play format.


Is Tower of Fantasy a free-to-play game?

Yes, Tower of Fantasy is a Free to Play title. If you're interested in starting your adventure in Tower of Fantasy then you can without spending a single cent, there are a number of different monetization methods used in the game that will be able to earn you different boosts or additional items that might make acquiring more powerful weapons or progressing through the game a bit faster or easier but there isn't any major gameplay modes or features that you will be unable to participate in if you plan to be a free player.


What platforms is Tower of Fantasy available for?

At the moment Tower of Fantasy is available for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, iOS, and Android. There is no word whether Tower of Fantasy will be released for Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch.


When do I get my first mount in Tower of Fantasy?

There are a number of different ways to travel in Tower of Fantasy. These will allow you to explore the world faster and reach locations that were previously unobtainable. The different mounts that you can get are horses, vehicles, propelled surfboards, and more.

  • Jetpack - Obtained during story missions in the Astra Shelter
  • Falcon Motorcycle - Obtained during story missions once you reach Hykros, complete the Franz Gift Quest
  • Jetboard - Obtained during a Story Mission once you are able to leave the Astra area

Other methods of transport around the world of Tower of Fantasy is to walk and run, but you can also climb to reach new heights and glide to reach locations without harming yourself.


Does Tower of Fantasy support controllers?

Yes, Tower of Fantasy has controller support. The game should automatically respond as you swap from Keyboard and Mouse to using your controller. It is also possible to rebind the controls in the settings menu at any time in case you feel something would work better for you.


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