Survival City Builder Aquatico Shows Off Underwater Building

Published: June 20, 2022 2:02 PM /


Aquatico Gameplay Alpha cover

The first Aquatico gameplay trailer has been revealed, hinting at what we can expect to see in this underwater survival city builder when it launches later this year.

First revealed earlier this yearAquatico takes place in a time when the surface of the Earth has become a barren wasteland. A handful of survivors aren't keen on giving up and head underwater to start anew. Digital Reef Games has finally shown us a little bit of what we'll be able to do in this upcoming game -- check out this alpha gameplay footage!


Here's Your First Look at Aquatico Gameplay

Aquatico gameplay will work much like many other city builders, although there are several distinct differences that should make it stand out in the space, largely due to its underwater setting.

To start, Aquatico will feature "more than one vertical stage" for building. Generally speaking, the sea floor will have industry, infrastructure, and production buildings. The other parts of a city (such as housing and other public buildings) will be contained in domes seated on stilts. Each dome will have a buildable area that will allow you to place several smaller buildings inside.

Mind, there's a larger world outside of the confines of your little city, and that's where expeditions come in. Players will be able to send out teams to explore and hunt for the critical resources you need to survive as highlighted in today's announcement.


Aquatico Gameplay Alpha slice

When is the Aquatico Release Date?

The Aquatico release date will be sometime in Q3 2022 -- that means it's expected to launch sometime between July 1, 2022, and September 30, 2022. A more specific release date has not yet been announced.

Fans of survival city builders like Frostpunk will probably find something to love in this upcoming game -- it certainly looks like it's going to add some interesting new mechanics and challenges due to its underwater setting. For now, you can add Aquatico to your wishlist on Steam.


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