Aquatico Lets You Build Your Own Rapture Next Month

Build a city under the sea in Aquatico, a survival city builder set on the ocean floor, in just a little over three weeks.

Published: December 20, 2022 10:33 AM /


Aquatico header shows an underwater city functioning and doing its thing.

Aquatico, a survival city builder set on the ocean floor, has just received a January 12th release date. Why are you building a city on the ocean floor? Basically, after Earth has become a "barren wasteland", there really isn't much of a choice. If that sounds horrifying, don't worry; you'll have plenty of time to build a base to guard against the dangers you might face.

The game is set across multiple levels of the ocean floor, with players having to survive the ocean's depths in order to build their underwater utopia. Considering how dark and foreign the ocean floor is even now, Aquatico could be an eerie and unique experience for some players, much like the upcoming Surviving the Abyss (which launches not long after Aquatico, as it happens).

New features revealed since the game's Steam Next Fest debut include Expeditions, which will allow you to send your inhabitants to scout and secure resources. There are also Dome connections that will bridge the gap between the upper and lower levels of the ocean, which should provide some interesting gameplay loops for players wanting something different out of their city builders.

Aquatico screenshot shows a city and how the game's UI will look.
Yep, looks like a city builder to me.

The game also has regional biomes that will have different temperatures and depth levels. These will change how players build their own Rapture as they also run into different challenges. These can range from natural sea life to unknown ecosystems or simply managing your population and expansion. You're underwater, after all, so there can't be any major mistakes or you'll be soon finding yourself in Davy Jones' Locker.

Aquatico can be wishlisted right now on Steam and the Epic Games Store. If you want to chat with your fellow underwater city builders, you can also join the official Discord and plot how you'll be building the finest underwater paradise that the world has ever seen.

Want to see what Aquatico is all about? Check out the narrated features trailer below!

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