Aquatico Demo Will Let You Build Underwater Cities Soon

Published: September 27, 2022 4:48 PM /


Aquatico has Domes where your civilians actually live as part of its vertical construction

City builders have been hot on Steam for a while, as we have observed, with players trying out a wide variety of titles in the genre. One of the upcoming games that's seeking to stand out in the category is Aquatico, which has the unique theme of underwater city building. To try and get some more of that attention, ahead of its release this fall, an Aquatico demo will be coming to Steam Next Fest, Autumn Edition.

This will be the first time that a playable Aquatico demo will be available, and will be exclusively through the Steam Next Fest. That means that you'll be able to give it a try starting on October 3rd, and the event will end on October 10th, at 10 AM Pacific. That means that it is less than a week away when you'll be able to try Aquatico out.

What is unique about Aquatico?

While there are a lot of city builders (and they can sell quite well like Farthest Frontier) these days, Aquatico is attempting to put a unique spin on the survival city builder in a couple of core areas. The first is the thematic element, which goes far more than just surface deep - underwater requires a change in thinking about what your basic parts of a city do. There are regional biomes, and a variety of factors to consider that you never would in something like Dungeons 4 which is all in one area, and a relatively normal one at that. Temperatures, depths, sea monsters, and various pressures are there impacting your new dome life, while you also need to explore with drones and submarines.

Aquatico Sea Bed industrial base robots working
Aquatico has robots working on the sea bed base for you... but what happens when the robot rebellion inevitably occurs?

The other factor is that because of the Domes and being under the sea (sing-along time!), there is an emphasis on vertical construction, instead of the standard horizontal construction. At the sea bed is your core industry where your robots are toiling away, and then above it are the domes where you must create livable areas for people and keep them sane in these contained areas, while working to ensure the survival of humanity.

Aquatico is releasing on Steam later this year, and the Aquatico demo will be available on October 3rd. Stay tuned to TechRaptor to find out more about this city builder, and if you're interested in it, follow and wishlist it on Steam.


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