Street Fighter V Stage Banned In Capcom Run Tournament

Published: November 24, 2016 5:44 PM /



The Capcom Cup, a global Street Fighter V tournament is starting next week on the 2nd of December, 32 Street Fighter players will come together for a chance at taking home some of the $350,000 pot at the tournament hosted by Capcom and presented by PlayStation 4. There has been a recent announcement though that one of the Street Fighter V stages Skies of Honor will be banned at Capcom's own tournament.

The controversy behind the Skies of Honor stage began a couple of weeks ago on the 10th of November when Keoma M. Pacheco, a professional Karin player, wrote a blog post detailing issues with the stage such as its "distracting" nature and that some players have even reported motion sickness while playing on Skies of Honor. He pointed out that while the foreground, including the characters and plane that they are standing on, is constantly static all of the other elements of the stage are constantly moving, in some cases, the background even rotates completely around. Pacheco even claims that his "first FT5 in this stage actually got [him] a bit dizzy and with a light headache."


It was only shortly after that that the official Capcom Fighters twitter posted the following tweet:

There is a complication in the approach to banning single stages though, as Evo found out earlier this year when they banned Kanzuki Family Beach and the Training stage, that while each stage is picked randomly there is no way to rule out stages from the random process. This means that if during the competition Skies of Honor is selected as a stage it will cause a slight delay.

What do you think of Capcom banning a stage from their own game at their tournament? Do you think that this is the right decision? Do you think that there should be a way to limit the random selection? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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