Stellar 'Subverse' Sales Secure #2 Spot on Steam

Studio FOW's first adult video game Subverse has debuted at #2 on Steam — and yes, Valheim is still king.

Published: March 29, 2021 1:59 PM /


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Subverse sales have been pretty spectacular — this adult video game from Studio FOW Interactive has secured the #2 spot on Steam's weekly charts. And yes, Valheim is still resting comfortably in the #1 spot.

If you haven't heard of Subverse, then you're probably a pure and kind soul who is untainted by the lewder side of the Internet. This game has you commanding a starship crewed by some pretty tough ladies in a fight to save the galaxy from a super-powerful sex toy. No, seriously — that's the plot. Apparently, this game has captured the imagination of PC gamers — it debuted at #2 on Steam.

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Subverse Sales Couldn't Quite Beat Valheim

Why were the Subverse sales so good for its debut in Steam Early Access? Simply put, it's not your average adult game — the level of quality helped catapult it into the top ten for this week's best-sellers on Steam.

Many adult games attach a threadbare plot as an excuse to show players lewd imagery or add in some kind of interactive sex game. Others are free-to-play experiences with annoying wait timers, hefty microtransactions, or bother. Subverse eschews both models by actually having some decent gameplay.

You can zip around the stars in a ship and get into SHMUP-style fights, dodging deadly bullets in your battles against phallic spaceships. Your crew of sexy ladies are more than window dressing, too — they can jump down to the planet to get into the fight all personal-like.

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention what is probably the biggest reason for the game's popularity: you can experience a bunch of entertaining sex scenes with your crewmates. The game was made by adult animation team Studio FOW [NSFW] who are well-known for their quality animations. Suffice it to say: sex sells.

The strong Subverse sales are a pretty clear sign that it's delivering something gamers want, but it wasn't quite enough to get the game into the #1 spot. That honor goes to Valheim, an open-world survival crafting game with a Viking theme that has been dominating the Steam sales charts since its release. You can buy Subverse in Steam Early Access [NSFW] for $29.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of Subverse debuting at #2 on Steam's weekly charts? Do you think Studio FOW Interactive should continue to make games? Let us know in the comments below!

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