State of the Game: 26/06/2017 to 02/07/2017

Published: July 17, 2017 10:18 AM /


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Today on State of the Game we'll be covering all the games released on Steam between the 26th of June and the 2nd of July. For this week the Steam Summer Sale was already in full swing and, as a consequence, this week's releases did not get much of a look in. All the top level stats are down on the previous week and the average players in this week's game is at its lowest in a very long time. Just goes to show that if you're considering releasing a game on Steam it's going to be best to avoid the major seasonal sales.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls was originally a PlayStation Vita game that was released exclusively in Japan back in 2014. It received a worldwide release a year later and proved successful enough that almost 2 years later it's received a PC and PlayStation 4 release. Previous installments in the series were visual novel style games, however, the developer, Spike Chunsoft, wanted to pursue a more action oriented game for this installment. It might not have attracted many new players on Steam but those who did stick around for 12 hours on average which rivals AAA titles for engagement.

At a regional level, there's really no coherency to the top 5 which is not surprising given this week's low numbers. There's really no conclusions to draw from this either as the total hours spent in each of these games in this week is quite low. All it would take is a handful of dedicated players in each region to rocket a particular game to the top.

The trending section is, unsurprisingly, dominated by various games that were on sale. With so many games on sale, it's a bit of a wash as to who comes out on top as most games on sale would've seen a decent boost over this time.


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