State of the Game: 18/09/2017 to 24/09/2017

Published: October 9, 2017 3:35 PM /


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Today on State of the Game we'll be taking a look at all the games released on Steam between the 18th and 24th of September this year. It was a little quieter this week with most of the top level stats down compared to the running average of the past month or so. Still, there are a few interesting things to look at in the data so let's jump right in.

Project Cars 2 is this week's most played game. Whilst the average players in game has decreased by about half since release, this is pretty typical for most AAA releases. What is particularly interesting is the effect that its release has had on the original. Since the sequel's release, the original has maintained about 70% of its concurrent users, even weeks after release. Considering that, by most accounts, the sequel is at least just as good, if not better, than the original it's interesting to see so many people sticking around.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite didn't do as well as you might expect, even with the PC experiencing something of a renaissance when it comes to fighting games. The platform doesn't appear to be the core issue here however as the game's so-so reviews appear to show. Like most big-name releases its average player count has halved in the last two weeks but it's anyone's guess if that downward trend will continue.

Moving onto the trending section we can see two titles that saw a massive increase in players; those being Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey and Outlast. Both of these made an appearance thanks to a free key giveaway on the Humble store as part of their End of Summer sale. For Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey about half the players who picked up a key gave it a spin whilst Outlast fared much better with only 1 in 4 players leaving it on the shelf for now. Both experienced a massive surge in players initially but that faded away over the course of the next few days.


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