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Much to the surprise of pretty much no one, the Square Enix E3 2019 conference opened up with the Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer and a bunch of cool facts about the game.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer opened with an overhead shot of Aeris kneeling by the side of the road. We then saw Cloud kneeling atop a train before he jumped down and sheathed the Buster Sword. That was it for the teaser and the FF7 Remake Producer Yoshinori Kitase came onto the stage with a translator.

Mr. Kitase stated that he was happy to be able to introduce this title to the world after more than 20 years of waiting. He then proceeded to thank the longtime fans of the franchise for their support and patience.

There are going to be two Blu-Ray discs worth of content for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, presumably referring to the way the game will be split into multiple parts.


We were then joined on stage by Neil Pabon, the Senior Manager of Product Marketing for the game. The game will feature a hybrid action system that merges real-time combat with a bit of strategy. Winning in battle will require more than simply hacking and slashing. This is where the Active Time Battle system comes in. As their ATB bars fill up, Cloud and other characters can enter tactical mode. Time will slow down to a crawl, essentially turning the game into a turn-based role-playing game. Using items in battle will deplete your ATB bar. The ATB bar can also be purposefully depleted to make use of Materia in your sword to cast spells.

Barrett, meanwhile, has an entirely different style of gameplay. You can switch between the characters at the push of a button. The other members of your team will continue to fight while you're controlling one of the other characters.

Players who prefer a most fast-paced game will be happy to hear that shortcuts can be used in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, essentially allowing players to cast spells at the push of the button. Whether you prefer a quicker style of gameplay or turn-based battles, the Final Fantasy VII Remake will have plenty to offer.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake then transitioned into a boss fight against a Scorpion Sentinel. It is here that we got to see the game's new combat system in action in a much tougher situation than normal. The Sentinel Scorpion erected a barrier that made it impossible to land physical attacks. Instead, our heroes had to focus on an energy core in the underside of the robot to lower the shield.

final fantasy vii remake trailer tifa uppercut
Boy, you done messed up now.

The Scorpion Sentinel was heavily damaged and it retreated, firing missiles into the roof of the building and causing ceiling panels to come down all over the floor. The Sentinel then charged up an energy attack, forcing our heroes to take cover behind some debris.

After avoiding the charged-up attack, Cloud and Barrett began doing as much damage as they could to the Scorpion Sentinel. The beam charged up again and our two heroes took cover once more. Once the beam was fired, they charged in to do more damage. As the robot began to break down, it began firing wildly and deploying repair drones in an attempt to recover health. The pair of fighters neutralized the drones and finished off the Scorpion Sentinels with a series of bombastic attacks.

The robot attempted to fire its tail cannon again, but it was too heavily damaged to aim it properly. Instead, it fired wildly and appeared to accidentally activate a bomb. The Scorpion Sentinel then fell off a catwalk and exploded in the area below. It was here that the Final Fantasy VII Remake E3 2019 trailer came to a close.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Director Tatsuya Nomura then joined the others from Square Enix on the stage. Mr. Nomura extended Square Enix's gratitude once again to the fans for their patience and support. Nomura-san then asked the audience if they'd like to actually play the game, eventually stating that a playable demo will be at the Square Enix E3 booth.

Finally, Tatusya Nomura debuted a longer version of a trailer that debuted at the Final Fantasy VII concert the day before. Take a look at the trailer below and enjoy it in all of its Final Fantasy goodness!


The Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer opened with Aeris kneeling in the street with her flower basket. The camera panned out to an overhead shot of the city where we got to see the massive Mako reactors surrounding the populace.

Cloud then appeared in the trailer. We got to see some motorcycle scenes and a few moments of Cloud working his way through gameplay levels. The gameplay was interspersed with cutscenes from various portions of the game, showing off several classic scenes from Final Fantasy VII. We then finally got to see Aeries in combat with Cloud and Barret.

Tifa was then revealed on screen for the first time to raucous cheers from the crowd. Cloud and Tifa talked to one another at a bar, expressing doubts about AVALANCHE's mission to fight against the evil megacorporation that plagues the city. Tifa's wild fighting style was revealed, showing a flurry of blows and high kicks against various enemies from the game.

After a few more battle scenes, Sephiroth finally burst onto the scene. He calmly taunted Cloud, the latter of which charged him with his Buster Sword. It was then that the Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer came to a close and we saw the reveal date for the game: March 3, 2020. We also got a look at the "First Class" edition which includes an awesome statue of Cloud on his motorcycle. By this point, the fans in the audience were going absolutely insane.

What do you think about all the new information that was revealed in the Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer? Does the hybrid gameplay put you off, or are you interested in trying something new with the remade version of this game? Let us know in the comments below! If you want to know more about this and other announcements happening at E3 then be sure to check out our E3 2019 Coverage Hub.

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