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Target today apparently decided to upstage Activision, when on the official Ask Target twitter account they answered a question about Spyro Treasure Trilogy saying they weren't able to say when it would be available to preorder.


A remaster of the Spyro games has been expected since the N-Sane Trilogy was a success, and Treasure Trilogy has been the leaked name for it. Earlier this year, Laura Kate Dale said that the Spyro trilogy remaster would be announced sometime in March, although she specifically did not state a date. In it, she said it would be releasing in Q3 2018 (July-September) and would be a one-year system exclusive to PlayStation. Additionally, Activision in its investors report said they plan on releasing more remasters of older IPs based on the success of the N-Sane Trilogy in 2018.

Beyond that obvious mention, a Resetera thread began today that led to people asking that question. The DM there (which we can't confirm as valid so take with a large grain of salt), had some of the tongue-in-cheek marketing language you'd expect and said they didn't have a date and to continue checking back with them for more information.

Today, at GDC, Vicarious Visions, the developers on the N-Sane Trilogy, are going to be talking at GDC leading many to wonder if that is where the announcement will be or if it will be around then. As part of a panel on remasters, Cory Truner, a senior artist at Vicarious Visions, will be talking about his work on the Crash Bandicoot remaster.

Spyro the Dragon was one of the PlayStation's unofficial platform mascots, along with Crash Bandicoot. The first title was released in 1998 by Insomniac Games featured you playing as the young purple dragon Spyro and his dragonfly friend Sparx, as they travel through levels to rescue dragons under a nasty curse. The game was a 3D collectathon action-platformer where you'd explore wide-ranging levels full of treasure. You'd rescue other dragons from enemies by using Spyro's flame and charge attacks. Notably, Spyro could glide and the game made use of a HUDless display by showing health through Sparx's coloring. To advance to the next area, like other games of the era, you had to collect so many of the various collectibles. It was followed by Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! and Spyro: Year of the Dragon in 1999 and 2000 on PlayStation.

In more recent years, Spyro has been seen only as the mascot of Skylanders, but with that series apparent cancellation and the success of the N-Sane Trilogy, it appears he'll be back.

We'll update this as this story continues to evolve.

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