Single Player Mission Details Shared for Star Wars: Squadrons

Published: Thursday, August 27, 2020 - 15:03 | By: Robert Grosso
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Are you Ready to Enter the Cockpit?

Star Wars: Squadrons is the latest game in the long-running Star Wars canon, and it takes the stage at Gamescom with an exclusive first look at one of the games missions.

EA Motive starts with a stylized trailer giving some exposition for the game, which takes place canonically after Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Susanne Hunka then takes over voice-over work to give a story primer for the games focus, the imperial mission 'Behind Enemy Lines.' The mission details an operation to rescue an imperial spy, named Agent Thorne, who has uncovered intelligence about project Star Lord. Players are to extract Thorne from an outpost behind enemy lines, eliminating perimeter defenses to get a clear shot at finding Thorne, then escort a ship to the outpost and back.

The narrative thus far is pretty standard Star Wars fare, with escort missions, dog-fighting, bombing runs, and more mission types you would expect from a Star Wars title. One of the bigger changes briefly shown was the ability to actually speak with your wingmen between story missions, and customize your ship as you see fit. These minor additions give Star Wars: Squadrons a different vibe than previous Star Wars titles, one that EA Motive hopes will help endear players to their NPC ship mates. 


One other little feature briefly showed included a look at the VR mode of Star Wars: Squadron. The inclusion of VR to Star Wars: Squadron, also gives the game world a lot more fidelity and kinetic energy, especially when flying in the cockpits of your favorite ships like the X-Wing or TIE Fighter. 

Star Wars: Squadrons is set for release on October 2nd, 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC.

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