Star Wars: Squadrons 4.0 Update Launches Adding New Ships and Custom Games

Published: December 11, 2020 11:34 AM /


Star Wars

Motive has continued to develop Star Wars: Squadrons, and has released its Star Wars: Squadrons 4.0 update. New goodies include custom games and server browser, along with two new fighters, the B-Wing and TIE Defender, as was previously announced to be coming in December.

The B-Wing is a heavy gunship that has low maneuverability and relies on boosting/drifting to move and turn efficiently. Basically, it's a tank and can take a great deal of punishment. It can deal a good bit of punishment too, and is ideal for taking out capital ships and subsystems. It's unique component is it Ion Beam, which mucks capital ship shields and subsystems. It also has another unique component called the Gyro/Aux Control Module that allows for a "gyroscopic cockpit roll", which allows for rolling while holding the auxiliary button.

The Tie Defender is a "anti-starfighter specialist", and unlike the B-Wing is best at the front and the mid-line. It's strong defensively, except it's easily taken down by ion weaponry. It requires power management and uses boost/drift for ideal performance. It has a unique component called Advanced Power System and gives instant, significant overcharge to the system with max power. It's dicey, but when the player makes it work, it'll really work.

The aforementioned custom games will allow players to compete in two teams of 5v5, and there will be additional restrictions and modifiers that can be changes such as "hull/shield/damage modifiers, changing capital ship health, restricting certain starfighters, and other tools to help you change how you play." There will also be a custom matches server browser that will allow players to search through private matches made by both friends and strangers both.

Other changes include updating Skill Rating gain/loss ratios so that player's performances in a match is better reflected. There was also a change for the Skill Rating requirement for each tier. This goes added with TrackIR support on PC, which will undoubtedly delight space sim nerds everywhere.

For the full patch notes, be sure to check out the blog post here. Star Wars: Squadrons is also 40% off at the moment, so now is an excellent time to jump in and check out the latest and greatest Star Wars title.

What do you think of this update? Have you or do you want to play Star Wars: Squadrons? Let us know in the comments!

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