Star Wars: Squadrons Update 2.0 Nerfs Farming with Enhanced AI

Published: November 4, 2020 4:10 PM /


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Star Wars: Squadrons Update 2.0 has arrived. Although this update makes many changes, a central piece is an enhancement to the game's AI that effectively nerfs farming computer-controlled opponents.

It's been just over a month since the launch of Star Wars: Squadrons and EA has been busy beavers, cranking out a robust update that makes a number of improvements and changes to the game. A bit of new content is being added (along with a boatload of fixes), but it also may be time for players to say goodbye to comp-stomping AI opponents.

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What's New in Star Wars: Squadrons Update 2.0?

One of the biggest changes in Star Wars: Squadrons Update 2.0 is improvements to the game's AI; previously, players had apparently been shooting down enemy craft by exploiting certain blind spots.

"We've updated AI starfighter morale values and positioning to prevent exploitative farming of them in Fleet Battles," the patch notes read.

The patch notes go on to explain the full suite of changes made on this front:

  • AI Starfighter paths have been repositioned in every map.
  • AI Starfighter morale values have been changed:
    • Gain 1 morale while on attack
    • Gain 4 morale while on defense
  • Capital ship turrets are now much more responsive to changes in player speed
    • Capital ship turrets are now much deadlier against players that are slow/close to capital ships and less deadly against players that are fast/far
  • Flagship turrets are now more aggressive when being attacked out of phase

Of course, the developers have added more to the game than some nerfs to farming. A new obstacle course has been added to allow players to test out their piloting skills. Experienced pilots will be happy to hear that they can now disable all tutorials; on the other side of the coin, the Easy difficulty setting has been adjusted to be a little easier for players to beat.

As always, we've just touched on some of the highlights; you can read the full Star Wars: Squadrons Update 2.0 patch notes for all the fine details. If you're keen on hopping into a TIE Fighter and screaming through space, you can buy Star Wars: Squadrons on PC, PS4, and Xbox One via its official website.

What do you think of the changes to AI in Star Wars: Squadrons Update 2.0? Do you think players will find another way to easily farm enemies in PVE? Let us know in the comments below!

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