SMITE Tweaks Daily Quests System Brings Back Daily Login bonus

Published: February 5, 2016 4:19 PM /



Season 3 of SMITE started only few days ago, but Hi-Rez is already shaking the things a bit. With patch 3.1, a lot of new stuff have been introduced in the game. One of the new features is that the daily login bonus have been replaced by a daily quest system of the likes of the ones used in Heroes of the Storm or Hearthstone. This system, while mostly regarded as a good move by Hi-Rez, showed a flaw pretty early on. To collect the gem bonus, you have to complete a certain number of quests and you had two per day. Many players just don't have the time to play enough games to complete both quests every day and so for them it would take a very long time to get the gems reward. Hi-Rez gathered feedback and decided to change how the quests system works.

Quests are not daily anymore but weekly. Every week you get two quests and have 7 days to complete them. At the completion of both the quests, the player will receive 30 gems (as opposite as the current system where you obtain favor for every quest and a gem reward when the quest counter is high enough). This way, players will have more time to complete their quests and will not feel obligated to play differently from how they want to just because they need to fill the specific requirements of a mission. You can still reroll a quest (one per week) and they are randomly generated from the following pool:

  • Play 2 Games as a Warrior
  • Play 2 Games as a Mage
  • Play 2 Games as a Guardian
  • Play 2 Games as a Hunter
  • Play 2 Games as a Assassin
  • Play 3 Games as a Roman God
  • Play 3 Games as a Greek God
  • Play 3 Games as a Hindu God
  • Play 3 Games as a Mayan God
  • Play 3 Games as a Chinese God
  • Play 3 Games as a Egyptian God
  • Play 3 Games as a Norse God
  • Play 5 Games.
  • Win 3 Games.
  • Win 1 Game while in a party
The "Play 3 Games as a Japanese God" quest has been temporarily removed until more Japanese gods are added to SMITE. Hi-Rez also stated that they will add new dynamic and interesting quests in the future.

The other change to SMITE, is that the daily login bonus made a comeback. The system is exactly the same as it was before it was substituted by the Daily Quest system and it will work alongside the new system. This means that between the Weekly Quests and the daily login bonus, you can earn up to 80 gems a week if you complete both quests and login every day.

Hi-Rez claimed that they will continue to monitor this change to see if the issues the players reported are now resolved.

What you think of the new Weekly Quest system? Did you prefer its daily counterpart? What about the return of the daily login bonus? Let us know in the comments!

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