Shadows Of Doubt Cheats And Liars Update Checks Into A Seedy Motel Next Week

Published: September 19, 2023 8:31 AM /


Two blocky voxel people in a bathroom in the new Shadows of Doubt Cheats and Liars update

ColePowered Games and Fireshine have announced that the Shadows of Doubt Cheats and Liars update will be available next week.

The update, which launches on September 25th, marks the first major content drop for the sandbox detective sim. It was previously earmarked for sometime in September as part of the Shadows of Doubt roadmap released earlier this year.

Cheats and Liars will add a new case type in the form of infidelity; clients will ask you to investigate their partners to find evidence of illicit affairs.

As part of that investigation, you'll have to find clues like clothes, footprints, and, uh, stains on hotel beds. The life of a private detective is not exactly glamorous, after all.

A new building will also be added as part of the Cheats and Liars update; it'll be a big multi-storey hotel with plenty of places to investigate for your assignments.

The hotel will come complete with a rooftop bar, too, so you can take in the sights and soak up the atmosphere when you're done with whatever sordid case is occupying your attention.

Cheats and Liars is also bringing a range of new NPC interactions, including the ability to directly accuse a suspect, upon which they might well resist arrest. Looks like you'll have to brush up on the Philip Marlowe school of detective work.

You can also look forward to new missing item posts on notice boards, with a reward in the offing if you return those items to their owners. All of this is coming with a healthy dose of bug fixing, localization tweaks, and DLSS support.

Shadows of Doubt is a sandbox stealth detective game in which you play as a private investigator in a city full of NPCs with their own routines and behaviors.

The game is currently in Early Access, with a view to a full release sometime in 2024. 

TechRaptor's Austin Suther got to preview the game, and in his preview, he recommends it to anyone who's a fan of immersive sims. If you're looking for your next Thief fix and you can't wait for the rumored Dishonored 3, you know where to go.

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