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Published: July 29, 2020 10:18 AM /


A ship on fire in Sea of Thieves' Ashen Winds update

The Ashen Winds update for Sea of Thieves is now live across Xbox One and PC. There's a bunch of new stuff available to plunder on the high seas including new Skeleton Captains, some new Pirate Emporium booty, and plenty more.

What's new in Sea of Thieves' Ashen Winds update?

Ashen Winds brings with it four new cursed Skeleton Captains known as the Ashen Lords. You'll know if these captains are lurking on an island because you'll see a flaming tornado above that island. They're a tough bunch, with unique attacks including flame breath, throwing fiery rocks, and making the screen dark. Defeating the Ashen Lords will net you some treasure and an Ashen Winds Skull, which can be traded to the Order of Souls for a bounty. That's not all, though: you can also use the Ashen Winds Skull as a weapon. It works like a flamethrower, setting fire to nearby skeletons, ships, and rival players.

As well as the new Ashen Lords content, you'll also find new Pirate Emporium deals waiting for you. There's a free Heel Click emote available at the Emporium, and everything in the Rare Heritage Collection is on sale right now to celebrate Rare's 35th anniversary. In addition to these bonuses, you'll also find new Collector's Pets, cat outfits, emotes, and pet bundles. Heading over to the Black Market will also yield the chance to get new Fearless Bone Crusher and Nightshine Parrot equipment, so be sure to visit Duke at the tavern to swap your hard-earned doubloons.

What other changes have been made to Sea of Thieves?

All of this comes complete with a whole trove of new gameplay improvements. Major overhauls include the removal of damage through ships' solid surfaces, so you'll be able to hide behind the mast to dodge a shot. Enemy shots can still pass through railings, stairs, and decking gates, so be sure not to use those for cover. Other new updates include increased Ashen Lord frequency during the Ashen Winds update, new booty when sinking a Skeleton Ship, and an increase in skeleton wave speed at forts. If you want to read the full treasure map of changes, you can do so right here.

Sea of Thieves is available right now on PC and Xbox One. If you're an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, it'll be part of your subscription's game haul, so if you haven't checked it out already, hoist the mainsail and set out for adventurin'.

Will you be heading into Sea of Thieves to check out the Ashen Winds update? Let us know in the comments below!

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