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Risk of Rain 2 is a brilliant sequel to its 2D roguelike predecessor. Already it's received critical acclaim from fans on Steam, and it's been less than a month since its early access debut. Now, Hopoo Games has released the Risk of Rain 2 roadmap for upcoming Risk of Rain 2 updates that players should look forward to in the coming months.

risk of rain 2 roadmap

June marks the release of the first sizable content update. This includes a new survivor, stage, and boss. Additional items and equipment will be added as well.

Subsequent Risk of Rain 2 updates will release in Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring 2020, respectively. Spring 2020 marks Risk of Rain 2's release from early access. Once 1.0 launches, we'll have a total of four new survivors, four new stages, five new bosses, and plenty of extra items and equipment.

Take note of Summer and Winter, too. The Summer update will include Skills 2.0, while Winter contains Artifacts 2.0. We can assume some sort of revamp, improvements, or even new skills and artifacts from these updates. Fall is the only update to have additional Hidden Realms, so that is something to look out for as well.

Developer Hopoo Games also provided a new Development Thoughts blog to touch base with the community on their work on the video game. The team is working on official localizations for Risk of Rain 2. They will also fix an issue where monsters ceased spawning late into the game, problems with the pinging system, and more. Other points that Hopoo Games aim to address in the future, such as trouble readying up in multiplayer matches and save file corruption are also mentioned among other bug fixes.

Risk of Rain 2 is available right now for $19.99 in Steam early access with the Risk of Rain 1.0 release planned to launch in Spring 2020.

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Quick Thoughts

Risk of Rain 2's popularity on Steam is well-deserved. When I played it at launch, it already felt like a full game. Many people have played it for hours on end and we haven't seen all of its content yet. I'm looking forward to new stages the most, personally. I enjoy each character but I do yearn for some more variety in stages, so that'll be a welcome addition to an already fun game.

Are you playing Risk of Rain 2? What do you think of the planned Risk of Rain 2 updates and the Risk of Rain 2 roadmap? Let us know your thoughts on the game and its roadmap in the comments below!

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