Redfall Developers Confirm Cross-Platform Play

Published: March 6, 2023 1:18 PM /


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The developers of Redfall, Arkane, held a Q&A session via discord to answer a few of the burning questions fans of the upcoming open-world FPS had. During the session, it was confirmed that Redfall would include cross-platform play. 

One significant component people look for when choosing a game is cross-play compatibility, as not everyone has the ability to play on the same platform as their friends. Some gamers are console fans and some are on the PC side of the fence, and while usually, that compatibility isn't a full-fledged game changer, it can affect friends wanting to get together and enjoy a release together. One of the fans had asked the developers if Steam players could enjoy the game with those who choose to use the Game Pass version, to which Arkane then replied via Twitter, 

"You can definetly play with your friends on Steam. You join your friends wherever they are"

One of the other questions asked was regarding the time of day in-game, as most people know that blood-thirsty vampires usually become more active during the evening hours. If you're wondering about what players will do during the daytime and evening, whether the game will progress as normal during these hours, the answer is yes, the game will progress as normal, but players may find themselves face to face with different types of enemies

Another important question during the Q&A asked about weapons, and whether or not they will be character specific or interchangeable amongst the other characters as well. Luckily, the answer was yes, weapon types can be used by any of the characters in-game, including Sniper Rifles, shotguns, stake launchers, and more but with one caveat: each character does have an affinity to certain weapons, which can be found within their skill tree in-game. 

Redfall is set to release on May 2, 2023, and will be available on PC and Xbox Series X|S. 

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