Promising Mecha Game Vulture: Unlimited Frontier Gets Demo on Steam as Crowdfunding Passes 2 Million Yen

Published: August 2, 2023 6:24 PM /


Vulture: Unlimited Frontier Screenshot

The developers of the upcoming mecha game Vulture: Unlimited Frontier have released a demo on Steam that can be downloaded right now.

The demo can be found on the game's Steam page and provides a vertical slice of Vulture: Unlimited Frontier's stylish mecha gameplay. If you're familiar with Japanese mecha franchises like GundamMuv-Luv, or Armored Coreyou'll likely feel right at home.

The game is currently being crowdfunded on the Japanese platform Campfire, where it has reached over 2 million yen in pledges (approximately $14,000 at the current exchange rate) of the 3 million yen goal, with 17 days to go on the clock. 

The crowdfunding campaign aims to purchase new PCs for the main developer and Unreal Engine 4 engineer since their current ones are on their last legs, music & sound effect productions, 3D background production, and further development expenses. 

The current aim is to release the game for PC via Steam in October 2024.  

The project was originally started in 2017 by the Japanese indie circle Nure-ji, which released its first rendition in Unity titled "Vulture" in 2019. In the same year, they started working on Vulture: Unlimited Frontier in Unreal Engine 4. The game was exhibited at the indie area at Tokyo Game Show 2022, where it gained quite a lot of attention. I actually wanted to play, but the queue was too long, which certainly is an indication that many were liking what they were seeing. Now, we can all give it a try thanks to the demo.

You can also watch a recent trailer below, to give you an idea of the gameplay.

Here's how the game is described on Steam (Sic). Incidentally, the developers promise to launch with interface and subtitles in English, which is great to hear.

"This is an action game in which the player builds and controls a giant robot.
The game features ground crawling 3D maneuvers, customizable elements, picturesque characters, and scenarios.

On the ground, the robot can make bold landings and walk on its main legs to maintain an advantageous turn, and jump up to attack its opponents when the moment is right.
In the air, use barrel rolls and other special maneuvers to move the battlefield with a light, integrated offensive and defensive stance.
The "Vulture," a traveling engine, will fight the battle by rotating and maintaining its engines at high speeds.

In missions, players can enjoy combat that combines the unique weight and exhilaration of "Vulture," a giant humanoid weapon.
In a world occupied by giant exoplanets, stages are prepared for various situations such as melee battles with giant creatures, one-on-one battles between Vulture, ambushes, underground battles, and escort missions.
Players can choose the armaments and parts that are advantageous to each enemy to take advantage of the battle.

In addition, the customization and actions allow players to choose their own tactics, such as dogfights, guerrilla warfare, assault operations, and sniper attacks.
Through careful customization, Vulture can be transformed into a setup that suits the player (pilot).

Even those who have never been good at action games will surely find that Vulture will respond to their needs.
We hope you will enjoy the feel of Vulture."


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