Pokemon GO Magikarp Community Day Arrives, GBL Season 3 Datamined

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Pokemon GO Magikarp Community Day cover

The best Pokemon is finally getting a day in the spotlight: the Pokemon GO Magikarp Community Day has been announced and it's got some special surprises in store!

If you've somehow been in a coma for the last few years, Pokemon GO is a mobile game created by Niantic where players travel out in the real world to catch Pokemon using augmented reality technology. One of the features of this game is "Community Days," a special limited-time event.

Now, fan-favorite Pokemon Magikarp is getting a bit of focus with its very own Community Day! This special day will have lots of bonuses to unlock or purchase and you should definitely be taking advantage — after all, it does take a whopping four hundred Magikarp Candies to get yourself a Gyrados!

What's Coming in the Pokemon GO Magikarp Community Day?

As with most Community Days, one core feature is that the highlighted Pokemon will be appearing more often in the wild. Especially lucky folks may even find a Shiny Magikarp!

Since evolving Magikarp is such a challenge, there will be special Field Research tasks that can give you even more Magikarp Candy. As a bonus, any Magikarp that you evolve into Gyrados during this limited-time event will start with Aqua Tail right from the get-go.

Of course, you will also be able to make some special purchases during the Pokemon GO Magikarp Community Day:

  • August Community Day Box
    • 30 Ultra Balls
    • Elite Charged TM
    • 6 Star Pieces
    • Incense
  • "Making a Splash!" Special Research Story
    • Costs just $1 or your regional equivalent
    • Follow Professor Willow as he learns more about Magikarp!

The Pokemon GO Magikarp Community Day event is scheduled to go live on August 8, 2020, from 11:00 AM–5:00 PM local time. More details will be shared soon, but that's not the only new thing we've learned today!

Pokemon GO Magikarp Community Day slice

What Are the Datamined GO Battle League Season 3 Details?

In addition to Magikarp, dataminers have uncovered several details about GO Battle League Season 3. Here's the breakdown of the datamined details as noted on Reddit:

GO Battle League Season 3 Datamined Move Changes

  • Drill Peck
    • Damage: 60 > 65 (PVP & PVE)
  • Brave Bird
    • Damage: 90 > 130 (PVP & PVE)
    • Buffs: -3 Self-Defense, 100% Change (PVP)
  • Hex
    • Energy: +11 > +12 (PVP), +15 > +16 (PVE)
  • Infestation
    • Energy: +11 > +12 (PVP)
  • Powder Snow
    • Damage: 4 > 5 (PVP)
  • Blizzard
    • Damage: 130 > 140 (PVP)
  • Flash Cannon
    • Energy: -65 > -70 (PVP)
  • Focus Blast
    • Damage: 150 > 140 (PVP
  • Moonblast
    • Buffs: opponent -1 Attack, 30% Chance > 10% Chance (PVP)

GO Battle League Season 3 Datamined New Guaranteed Encounters

  • Rank 1: Pidgeot
  • Rank 4: Galarian Zigzagoon
  • Rank 7: Galarian Farfetch'd
  • Rank 8: Rufflet
  • Rank 9: Scraggy
  • Rank 10: Pikachu Libre

GO Battle League Season 3 Datamined New Moves

  • Braviary & Close Combat
  • Abomasnow & Ice Weather Ball
  • Pelipper & Water Weather Ball
  • Empoleon & Drill Peck

GO Battle League Season 3 Datamined Poses & Clothing Unlocks

  • Greens Pose (Pose 22)
  • Greens Clothing

And that's all! Bear in mind, information uncovered via datamining doesn't necessarily mean that it will be making it into the live game. For now, you can look forward to the Pokemon GO Magikarp Community Day making its debut on August 8, 2020, from 11:00 AM–5:00 PM local time.

Are you happy to see Magikarp in the spotlight on its very own Community Day? What do you think of the datamined GBL changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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