Planet Zoo Update 1.10 To Add New Behavior And More

Frontier has revealed new details for Planet Zoo Update 1.10, which arrives later this month and adds new animal behavior, new education options, and more

Published: June 9, 2022 10:07 AM /


A new Education Station in the upcoming Planet Zoo 1.10 update

Frontier Developments has detailed what you can expect from the upcoming Planet Zoo update 1.10. The update, which is landing later this month, adds new options for educating your zoo guests, as well as lots of new animal behaviors and much more.

What can we expect from Planet Zoo update 1.10?

Just yesterday, Frontier announced the new Planet Zoo Conservation Pack DLC, which gives you the opportunity to raise and protect endangered species like wild horses, leopards, and more. Now, the developer has revealed even more content on its way to the game soon, although everything in Planet Zoo update 1.10 will, of course, be free to players who own the game. First up, you're getting new Education Stations, which add new and exciting ways to educate your guests about your zoo's animals. After Educators got an upgrade in the last Planet Zoo update, these new stations will boost young guests' education and happiness. Your guests will measure their height against famously tall animals, as well as listening to the sounds your animals make and comparing their handprints to pawprints.

A lioness sniffing a flower in the Planet Zoo 1.10 update
Planet Zoo update 1.10 will add animal sniffing behavior, as well as new education stations and more.

Of course, this being a Planet Zoo update, there's also plenty of new stuff to look forward to with the animals themselves. Animals will now sniff certain points as an active behavior; many animals already have sniffing animations, but new ones will now join that list. Some animals, like the Chinese pangolin, the Southern white rhino, and the American alligator, won't sniff, but the majority will. Many animals will now also engage in "chorus behavior", which is where they join together to call as a group. As you might expect, wolves will engage in this behavior, as well the Conservation Pack's siamangs and other animals. 

As well as these major additions, there are a number of smaller features coming to Planet Zoo in the new update. Guests can now take group photos, for example, and as they walk through your zoo, they will notice extra shop counters and signs (provided you place them down, of course). A new climbing frame enrichment can be used by animals that routinely climb, and your siamangs will use brachiation (arm swinging) to swing on the frame in exciting new ways. Naturally, there will also be plenty of bug fixes and other things to look forward to. Make sure to check out the full Planet Zoo update 1.10 announcement on Steam to read more about these exciting changes.

What is Planet Zoo?

Planet Zoo is a zoo management simulation from Planet Coaster developer Frontier. Revealed and launched back in 2019Planet Zoo places an emphasis on conservation and wildlife preservation, as well as animal welfare. Entertaining your guests is important, of course, but you'll also need to make sure your animals are well cared for if you want to run a successful zoo. Since its launch, Planet Zoo has received a number of free content updates and paid DLC packs, adding features like new animals, quality-of-life improvements, and more to the game.

A bear hanging out in its enclosure in Planet Zoo
Planet Zoo is all about wildlife conservation, but it's also a pretty fun management sim.

You can check out Planet Zoo right now on Steam, where it'll set you back $44.99 or your regional equivalent. If you like the game, there's a wealth of paid DLC to pick up as well, adding animals from Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia, among other places. Planet Zoo update 1.10 launches on June 21st and will be a free content update for everyone who already owns the game on Steam, so make sure to add that date to your calendar if you're a fan.

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