New Planet Zoo Expansion To Bring Eight New Eurasian Animals and More Next Week

If you're a Planet Zoo aficionado, today is your lucky day, as a brand new expansion for the zoo sim has just been announced.

Published: December 5, 2023 9:08 AM /


A close-up of a boar in a snowy forest in the new Planet Zoo expansion Eurasia Animal Pack

Frontier Developments has announced a brand new Planet Zoo expansion pack which will bring eight new creatures to the game.

The game's Eurasia Animal Pack will, as the name suggests, add new animals from the Eurasia region, and it'll land on PC via Steam next week.

The expansion will join a host of others that have brought new creatures into the fold, including the Conservation Pack, Wetlands Animal Pack, and Europe Pack, plus many more.

A wisent grazing in the new Planet Zoo expansion Eurasia Animal Pack
The new Planet Zoo expansion will add some adorable and majestic new animals.

The Eurasia Animal Pack will add a variety of different animals to Planet Zoo, including the Wisent and Wild Boar, both of which shouldn't be tussled with.

Other additions include the beautiful Mute Swan, the Sloth Bear, and the Wolverine, so you can see the ferocious animal from which Logan gets his name.

You can also look forward to meeting the Saiga, the Takin, and the Hermann's Tortoise, the latter of which is the Eurasia Animal Pack's Exhibit Animal.

As well as all of the aforementioned species, the Eurasia Animal Pack will also bring a new Career Scenario in which you must design a zoo as a retirement present for a legend who's hanging up her zookeeper's cap.

As is often the case with newly-announced Planet Zoo expansions, a free update will also arrive alongside the Eurasia Animal Pack.

The update will bring new additions that are free for all players, including modular souvenir shops that will let you add displays and expansion tiles, as well as new quality-of-life updates, tiger color morphs, and more.

Planet Zoo's Eurasia Animal Pack arrives on December 13th, and it'll set you back $9.99 when it arrives.

Free update 1.16 is also arriving on that same date, and unlike the DLC, you won't have to pay anything for it. Watch this space for more info on all things Planet Zoo.

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