Payday 3 Pearl And Joy Trailer Introduces Two Master Criminals

Published: September 7, 2023 9:15 AM /


Pearl and Joy readying their weapons for their next heist in the latest Payday 3 trailer

A new Payday 3 trailer is here, introducing two of the newest heist members to join your crew: Pearl and Joy.

You might remember Joy from Payday 2; she's a Japanese-American hacker who's also deadly with her submachine gun.

Pearl, meanwhile, is a new addition to the crew, and Starbreeze says that she'll bring "a new flair of magnificence" to your team. 

In the trailer, both Joy and Pearl can be seen pulling off some impressive shooting and also hacking into some behind-the-scenes systems. Joy wears a sort of Watch Dogs-style digital mask, while Pearl's is a more old-school clown mask.

The new trailer sees Pearl and Joy infiltrating a transport facility. The two sneak past guards, cameras, and other security features before entering into open shootouts with armored personnel and then fleeing the scene.

It's all pretty typical Payday stuff, but it should get you hyped for playing as these two master criminals.

If you've somehow missed out on the Payday 3 hype, the game is an upcoming multiplayer shooter that lets you take on a series of heists alongside your friends (or randoms, if you're feeling brave).

You'll have a number of different combat and stealth options, so you'll be able to play heists however you like. Of course, coordination with your team is also crucial if you want to make it out of your destination with as much loot as you can carry.

Payday 3 is firing up the getaway vehicle and making a mad dash for PC and consoles on September 21st, which is just two weeks away at time of writing.

The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, and if you're a Game Pass subscriber, then you'll get to check it out on day one at no extra cost, both on console and PC.


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