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Game Info
Starbreeze Studios
Deep Silver
Release Date
September 21, 2023 (Calendar)

Payday 3 is a first person shooter developed by Starbreeze Studios and published by Deep Silver, releasing for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on September 21, 2023. The Payday Crew, a gang of seasoned heisters, have moved from Washington DC to New York City, as they once again loot their way through a number of new locations.

Heists can be played solo with AI companions, or up to 4 player online co-op. Various guns can be bought, along with skills to alter your build. Most missions can also be done stealthily, taking out cameras and tying up guards, or by going loud with heavy weapons and armor. The gang has access to extra tools on top of this, letting them cut through glass or open safes without the need of the previous game's many drills.

More content will be added post-launch, introducing additional weapon packs, cosmetics, and heists.

Developer Quote

PAYDAY 3 is the much anticipated sequel to one of the most popular co-op shooters ever. Since its release, PAYDAY-players have been reveling in the thrill of a perfectly planned and executed heist. That’s what makes PAYDAY a high-octane, co-op FPS experience without equal.

Step out of retirement back into the life of crime in the shoes of the Payday Gang, the envy of their peers and the nightmare of law-enforcement wherever they go. Several years after the crew’s reign of terror over Washington DC has ended, they assemble once again to deal with the threat that roused them out of early retirement.