Payday 3 Gameplay Trailer Teased For Summer

Published: May 8, 2023 10:28 AM /


The four iconic masks of the Payday crew as represented in Payday 3

Starbreeze Studios has teased a Payday 3 gameplay trailer for the summer. The studio has released a stylish new teaser trailer that looks ahead to the gameplay video, which isn't dated yet but which logically should be with us sometime before late September.

The new Payday 3 teaser trailer begins with a voiceover telling his crew that the job they're about to do is "simple". Of course, if you've played Payday, then you know it never goes down as easily as that. Following this quick bit of narration, text appears promising Payday 3 gameplay in summer, followed by the developer urging you to sign up for mailing lists so you don't miss out. It's not a long trailer, but it should get you hyped for Payday 3 gameplay anyway.


It's been a good while since Payday 3 was originally unveiled back in 2017. After that initial announcement, the game remained relatively quiet until it emerged in 2021 that Koch Media (now known as Plaion) would publish the game, with the devs and publishers aiming for a 2023 release. At time of writing, that release window remains in place, at least according to the official Payday 3 Steam page.

In a financial report released in August last yearPayday 3 developer Starbreeze admitted that it still wasn't financially profitable. Despite this, Starbreeze said at the time that work on Payday 3 was proceeding "according to [the] development plan", so it seems that Starbreeze hasn't been hit too hard by any potential lack of funds.

Payday 3 is, for the moment at least, seemingly still slated for a 2023 release. A gameplay trailer will be released sometime this summer, although we don't know exactly when we'll be able to see that just yet. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more news on all things Payday.



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