NylonGate Strikes Again: Bethesda Unintentionally Doxxes Customers

Published: December 6, 2018 2:45 PM /


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Here I was thinking the Power Armor Edition debacle had ended with the news that customers would finally be getting their promised canvas bag. Still, inadvertent consequences followed as a result of Bethesda's compensation efforts.

Power Armor Edition owners have to go through Bethesda's support and create a ticket that provides proof of purchase of their collector's edition. Yesterday, Reddit user Jessiepie revealed that support tickets, particularly pertaining to this compensation, were being sent to him. Not just one ticket, but what seemed to be every single one, all being sent to his Bethesda account. He said:

Mostly it's your receipts for you power armor set requesting a new bag. These receipts contain all your info. Your email and home address and the card you used to buy this extremely glitched game. I can see the problems you are having with the game, yes I'm having them too. And I know a few of you want a refund that Bethesda has said can't happen. I can update your ticket for you, if you'd like. And close it! How fun is that? Please rest assure I have no desire to stalk you or mess with your Fallout 76 experience.
/r/Fo76 mods verified proof sent to them and the post was considered legitimate. So that's the crux of the issue. Other users have since come forward to find that they are seeing the same thing. They can see emails, addresses, some billing info, and can even update the tickets.

Bethesda took to Twitter to announce that they had "immediately took down the website" so that this issue could be fixed. Further, they said on Twitter:

"During the incident, it appears that the user name, contact information, and proof of purchase information provided by a limited number of customers on their support ticket requests may have been viewable by other customers accessing the customer support website for a limited time, but no full credit card numbers or passwords were disclosed.'
They also said they would notify customers who were impacted. The extent of this issue has yet to be revealed, but some people may have malicious ideas and compromise people's data. We will be there when the potential fallout comes to fruition.
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