Fallout 76 Test Your Metal Update Adds 3 Public Events

Published: June 14, 2022 1:42 PM /


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The Fallout 76 Test Your Metal Update has arrived, adding three new Public Events, the start of Season 9, a new "Corpse Highlight" feature, and more!

Fallout 76 has been happily chugging along for the last few months, and things are only going to get better. Double Eleven has recently signed on to help make more Fallout 76 content, some of which we may see as part of the 2022 Roadmap. Now, the next Season of the game is finally here -- it's time to Test Your Metal.


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What's New in the Fallout 76 Test Your Metal Update?

The Fallout 76 Test Your Metal Update marks the start of Season 9 as reported on Reddit. Central to this update is the addition of three new Public Events, and Bethesda wants to make sure you get a chance to play them -- it's adjusted Public Event selection until June 28 to make these new Events appear more frequently.

Here are the new events you can experience over the next two weeks:


  • Test Your Metal - Join three members of the Brotherhood of Steel as you compete against the Rust Eagles' robots in three rounds of combat. You can find this event in the Metal Dome north of Fort atlas in the Savage Divide.
  • Eviction Notice - Intended for higher-level players, Eviction Notice challenges you to go into a crater within the Savage Divide and activate a Rad Scrubber. Once you do, you'll have to face an onslaught of Super Mutants.
  • Moonshine Jamboree - Join a band of moonshiners are you fend off Gulpers and brew up a new batch of white lightning. You can start this event by meeting up with Moonshiner Ned in the Sunday Brothers Cabin in The Mire.

This update also adds a new quality-of-life feature called "Corpse Highlighting." Once you kill an enemy, it will be easier than ever to find its corpse, greatly reducing the chances that you won't be able to loot the enemies you've actually killed. You can turn this feature off in the Display Tab in the Settings menu.

Of course, today's update also serves as the launch of Season 9 and includes several other changes and fixes including six new Radio Plays; you can read about all of the new goodies in the full Fallout 76 Test Your Metal Update patch notes. You can join in on the post-apocalyptic fun by buying Fallout 76 for PC and consoles starting at $39.99 or your regional equivalent.



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