NieR: Automata Is Coming To Xbox One Via Leak From Square Enix

06/10/2018 - 13:58 | By: Andrew Stretch
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As we get closer and closer many companies are silently praying that nothing about their upcoming and secret reveal is leaked by any passerby or someone with access. The worst case of this is when a company manages to leak their own announcements. A Square Enix website went live for NieR: Automata BECOME AS GODS edition for the Xbox One for a while before Square Enix took it down. This web page isn't even complete as there are no images just text, and during the writing of this piece, it has since been taken down.

nier automata leak
The page has since been taken down, but this is what it looked like...

From what we can gather from the website the BECOME AS GODS edition of the game will be releasing for the Xbox family of consoles on June 26th, 2018. Contained within this special edition of the game players will get the base game, the 3C3C1D119440927 DLC, a Grimoire Weiss Pod, Retro Red Pod Skin, Retro Grey Pod Skin, Cardboard Pod Skin, and the Machine Lifeform Mask Accessory. All of this together will only cost $49.99. The page also cites that the game is available for pre-order now but following the link will only lead you to a Microsoft Store page error, it is expected that once the announcement is officially made that that link will be live for people to pre-order.

This announcement is likely going to be made either this afternoon at the Xbox Press Conference, or tomorrow during Square Enix's Press Conference. If you want to know more about when the E3 Press Conferences are taking place then be sure to check our home viewers guide. You can also check out our review for NieR: Automata where Sam praised the story, boss fights, and musical score.

What do you think of NieR: Automata coming to Xbox One? Are you excited to finally be getting a chance to play it? Leave your comments below and be sure to check out the rest of our E3 2018 coverage here

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