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New World Server Transfers Arrive With New Update

Published: October 20, 2021 9:09 AM



As part of a new update, New World server transfers are finally becoming available. After a short test period, you'll be able to move your character to any server within your region, with a few exceptions. The update also brings some gameplay tweaks, bug fixes, and more.

How will New World server transfers work?

After New World server transfers were delayed last week, it looks like Amazon Game Studios has managed to work out the kinks. In a post on the official New World website, Amazon confirms that after server downtime to implement the new 1.03 update ends, server transfers will slowly be made available to all players. First, Amazon says it's switching on server transfers in one specific world: the Utopia world in the AP Southeast region. If that goes well, the whole AP Southeast region will get server transfers, followed by the rest of the world (assuming the latter goes smoothly as well, of course). New World server transfers should be online for your region later today, if everything goes well.


A player about to initiate a New World server transfer
When it comes to New World server transfers, as Spider-Man would say, everybody gets one.

There are a few steps you'll need to take before you can transfer your character in New World. First, you'll need to log in and head to the in-game store to grab your free transfer token. After that, you'll have to leave your Company and remove any Trading Post orders you've got active. You won't be able to transfer unless you're in a sanctuary area, either, so make sure you're not in the middle of a monster-infested forest. You'll keep character progression, items, money, houses, and quest progress, but you'll lose Company membership, Trading Post orders, and your friends list. It's also not possible to move your character to any world that's full, currently undergoing maintenance, or where you've already got a character.

What else has been added in the latest New World update?

If you're happy where you are and you don't want to move servers, there's still plenty for you in this latest New World update. First up, Amazon is gifting a free title and emote to anyone who was stalwart enough to play New World during the days of epic queue times. The new "The Stoic" title can be found in the Bio tab of the Character window, and will be given to all characters for free. You can also claim a brand new "Waiting" emote from the store (don't worry, it's free), which will bind itself to your account, meaning you don't need to claim it multiple times for different characters.


The new Waiting emote in New World
Now you can show all of your friends what it was like to wait in the New World login queue for hours.

There are also plenty of gameplay improvements and tweaks in New World update 1.03. Amazon has cleaned up the messaging when players are kicked due to violating New World's terms or going AFK for protracted periods of time (a real problem for the MMO). Amusingly, New World now displays an error message when you try to buy your own stuff at the Trading Post. There are also numerous other minor additions and bug fixes. If you're a New World player, it's definitely worth checking out the full patch notes so you can see everything that's changed. There may well be a fix for that quest you've been stuck on.

Will you be taking advantage of New World server transfers? Let us know in the comments below!


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