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Published: June 13, 2020 6:11 PM /


Last Oasis volcanic map

Last Oasis is getting a volcanic environment in the near future.

Today during the Future Games Show, Donkey Crew showed off a new trailer for Last Oasis that showcased the latest map for their nomadic survival MMO. The producer at Donkey Crew, Lucas Stannis, narrated the trailer to explain how the new environment affects gameplay. 

The lava will be a key component of the map. It can change the landscape and force you to build your bases differently. There are also "giant winged lizards" that will threaten you. You will be hard-pressed to find greenery or natural water here, either. Thus, explorers will be all the more driven to risk themselves to acquire them.

For a bit of context, in this MMO you traverse the world in complex walking machines as you gather resources and engage in combat with various creatures. Thankfully, the machines you build can be used for transportation, harvesting, or combat, as needed.

The game world is open-ended and built up of oases. As time passes, players must stay one step ahead of the sun, which burns so hot the land turns to dust in its wake. As new territories are freed from ice, players must travel to them and live off the land. 

You can also participate in a player-driven economy. With supply-and-demand principles in effect, you can run trade routes and try to track down the rarest resources. Player clans can create monopolies, even.  

All of this is altered when you're suddenly in this new map, laden with volcanoes. In other words, add in a little bit of lava to an already-burning world, and you've got an even more precarious situation.

Last Oasis is now available on Steam.

Check out the new map's trailer below:

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